Botox treatments helps to reduce facial lines and to slow down the facial aging process. Dr Bianca Knoll. Plastic Surgeon

Regenerative Rejuvenation Mastering Facial Aging Subtly and Intelligently in Frankfurt, Germany.

Although HA filler can be a very helpful non-surgical tool to restore volume, or to smoothen out lines, their excessive use has lead to unattractive “filler look faces“ causing unnatural facial mimics and movements. Often advertised as “Natural Results“ the increased usage causes patients to look altered, by not necessarily better. Some commonly injection techniques used, can even accentuate the aging process. Although some patients seem to prefer an artificial look, the majority of patients seen by Dr. Knoll in the office, and even herself, do not.

Regenerative Rejuvenation Injection Using Exclusively Your Own Tissue

And this is a big difference when the concept of regenerative regeneration is compared to other filling material. In regenerative rejuvenation, no artificial material is used, allowing a truly natural appearance based on the regenerative capacity of your own cells. The treatment approach goes along with a truly natural, fresh appearance, and a healthy balanced lifestyle.Mainly there are 3 major things that are looked at during a consultation for regenerative rejuvenation with Dr Knoll in her Frankfurt office. First there is the skin, its quality, structure, aging spots, and superficial lines. Second, the impact of gravity over time, the facial fat distribution, and skin excess. There are very specific anatomical fat compartments, that loose or gain volume during the aging process. Changes vary individually and are age, hormone, and gender dependent. There are also different fat compartments of the face and neck – deep, intermediate, and very superficial ones. The skin looses gradually the “plump“ appearance or what is also called “turgor“ over time. The plump, healthy appearance becomes less with time. Deeper skin lines develop due to fat, collagen and elastin loss. Third, there are the underlying deeper structures, like your facial bones building a framework. Other deeper structures like salivary glands can contribute as well to the facial changes associated with aging, mainly causing fullness below the mandible (easily mistaken as jowls) or causing an increased facial width.

Regenerative rejuvenation mainly affects the first 2 mentioned. The described age related changes transition in each patient differently, at a different pace, at a different time in life. This is why a treatment plan needs to be tailored and individualized for each patient.

Regenerative Rejuvenation: Isn’t it just Fat Grafting, Fat Transfer or Lipofilling?

The answer is no. Although, fat transfer is often an integral and important part in regenerative rejuvenation to restore lost volume, the focus is more directed onto the regenerative potential. Fat tissue holds very powerful healing properties and regenerative cells.
The most recent techniques are much more advanced and are not comparable to the ones used just a few years ago. The focus from sole volume restoration has shifted to the regenerative potential that is harbored in the fatty tissue on a cellular level. Most modern tools allow a nearly atraumatic harvesting process of your fatty tissue maintaining its regenerative potential (i.e SVF – stromal vascular fraction) and a very precise application even in superficial lines, skin, and difficult areas to treat by using the most advanced motorized injection device.The progressively better understanding of age related anatomical changes, its correlation with basic science, hormones, local growth factors, and the fast improvement of evolving technology and instruments have significantly changed the entire approach over the past few years.

These advances, the knowledge, aesthetic sense, and surgical expertise of Dr Knoll allow a sophisticated and artistic approach to correct or impede age related changes of the face.

Regenerative Rejuvenation – How is it Done?

During your initial consultation an assessment of your age related changes will be performed and a personalized treatment plan will be established.

Depending on your treatment plan, we will know which facial fat compartments will need to be replenished regarding volume and which areas benefit most from a more regenerative approach.

All that is needed is your own tissue. It is a small procedure, being performed under local anesthesia (like a dental appointment). The downtime is minimal. It is much less than compared to surgery and a little more when comparing to a filler treatment. Most patients experience some swelling and bruising, that subsides within a few days. Whereas volume restoration is seen very fast, it will take some time until the regenerative, remodeling effect has fully taken place. Which makes perfect sense, since these are your own vital cells.

Am I a Good Candidate for Regenerative Rejuvenation?

You are a good candidate if you have noted changes in volume and skin turgor, are looking for a replenished, fresh look, or if you are looking for a more preventative treatment. Treatments areas are most commonly the face, neck, cleavage, and hands.

If you are interested in learning more about Regenerative Rejuvenation using your own tissue, please contact us. The effects of this approach towards facial aging can be dazzling.

During your consultation Dr Knoll will in detail go over with you how your current concerns, hormone levels, and age related changes interact, and what treatment options might be beneficial to you. To learn more about this exciting topic contact the office of Dr. Knoll to set up your consultation.