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Cheek Augmentation in Frankfurt, Germany

A full malar area and high cheekbones area are aesthetically pleasing and perceived as youthful and healthy. Some patients have well defined cheek bones, but have lost during the aging process some of the volume of the malar fat pad. On the contrary, other patients never had strong cheekbones to begin with. Both patients usually don’t like the flat appearance of their cheeks. Due to the lack of volume and definition, the nose or the chin can appear larger than they actually are. A flawed or missing cheek prominence can lead to a fuller appearance of the lower face, and an aged look under the eyes. A cheek augmentation establishes a well defined shape of the cheek bone to help attain a better balanced, proportionate and youthful appearing face.

Which Cheek Augmentation Is Right for Me?

Cheek augmentation can be achieved in different ways. If an increase in volume of the overlying soft tissue is needed, you may benefit from filler injections or fat transfer. To sculpt the malar area to achieve a natural and defined appearance, fillers are usually injected in deeper layers. Although the fillers used for cheek augmentation are usually longer lasting fillers, repeat injection might be needed over time. Age related volume loss of the fatty tissue overlying the cheek bones can also be restored with lipofilling or fat transfer. Fat transfer has the advantage that your own tissue is being used, and that it is longer lasting than fillers. If you are looking for a long lasting solution addressing the bony deficiency of your cheek bones, a cheek augmentation using cheek implants might be an excellent option. Some patients benefit from additional contouring by addressing the buccal fat pad (Bichat fat pad), either by reducing or restoring volume.

Cheek Augmentation Using Cheek Implants

Cheek implants come in different sizes, and materials. The most commonly used cheek implants are silicone or Medpor® implants. During your consultation Dr Knoll will discuss with you your options. The implants can be shaped and customized to the individual anatomy of the patient to create a proportionate appearance of the face. The implants are usually inserted through the inside of the mouth, and are secured to the cheek bone. The scars are invisible, if an intraoral approach is chosen. However there is risk of implant infection and necessary implant removal, due to the bacterial colonization of the mouth. Dr Bianca Knoll, and her staff will give you specific instructions before and after the cheek augmentation procedure to reduce significantly the risk of infection. The option of inserting the implant through an incision just below the eyelashes of the lower eyelid is less commonly used.

Cheek Augmentation Using Implants

The success of cheek augmentation is clearly dependent on the meticulous planning, realistic expectations of the patient, aesthetic sense of your surgeon, and skilled surgical execution of your surgery. The placement of a cheek implant to augment the malar bone is performed under light general anesthesia or sedation. The cheek augmentation is performed as a one day procedure. Your results are immediate visible.

Cheek Augmentation Recovery

The recovery process of filler injections for cheek augmentation, will obviously be the fast. Followed by fat transfer, and cheek implants. There will be bruising and swelling which will begin to diminish gradually and resolve over the following days and weeks. The amount of bruising and swelling can vary from patient to patient, but Dr Knoll’s office will provide you with helpful pre and post-operative care information. Dr Bianca Knoll and her staff will have your best interest at heart, and will do everything they can to have your surgery go well, and your recovery proceed smoothly, safely and with the least amount of discomfort possible. We are happy to provide you with further information about the procedure and answer your questions during your consultation in Dr Bianca Knoll’s office.

Cheek Augmentation Consultation

During your consultation, Dr Knoll will carefully listen to your concerns, examine you and thoroughly analyze your facial aesthetic proportions. She will then discuss this with you, and explain your available options, related risks, and what would be involved with each of the procedures. Additional radiographic imaging (CT-scan with bone windows of the facial skeleton) might be required if the placement of cheek implants is planned. The craniofacial training background of Dr Bianca Knoll will be very beneficial during the facial analysis and discussing your options. Dr Bianca Knoll will carefully analyze a patient’s distinctive facial features, and will assess overall goals with the patient before a cheek augmentation is performed, to ensure patient and doctor agree to the same term. Cheek augmentation is personalized for each patient’s unique anatomy and desires. Dr Bianca Knoll will discuss your indivdualized approach to cheek augmentation during your consultation in her Frankfurt based office.

Cheek Augmentation Cost

Now that you understand that cheek augmentation can be achieved either by filler injection, fat transfer, and cheek implant placement, it is easy to understand that it is difficult to provide any estimated costs without having examined and talked to the patient. The costs of the procedure / surgery may vary depending on the complexity, length of the procedure and materials involved. Usually there are 3 different costs associated with surgery: the surgeon’s fee, hospital fee and anesthesia fee. The later 2 will not apply if a cheek enhancement is performed using fillers.Dr Bianca Knoll’s office in Frankfurt will provide you with a detailed cost proposal including all these 3 different costs after your consultation. During your office consultation with Dr. Knoll, you will be thoroughly examined, allowing us to provide you with information pertaining to surgery, pre and post operative instructions and the costs associated with your individualized surgery plan. For these reasons a consultation in our Frankfurt office is strongly encouraged. If you wish to have additional information or would like to schedule a consultation please contact Dr Bianca Knoll, we will be happy to assist you.

We understand that it can be impractical for some of our out of town/ international patients to travel to Frankfurt for an initial consultation. For this reason, Dr. Knoll offers online consultations. By submitting a series of photographs, information about your desired outcome, we can start to determine if you are a good candidate. Though a virtual consultation starts the consultation conversation, it does have its limitations and does not replace the need to been seen in person for a traditional consultation to finalize plans for a procedure.