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Schedule Your Consultation Dr Bianca Knoll Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Frankfurt, Germany

Dr. Bianca Knoll will meet with you in the comfort and privacy of her Frankfurt Aesthetic Plastic Surgery office. As every patients needs and desires are quite different, Dr Bianca Knoll will thoroughly discuss your goals and the benefits of surgical options and nonsurgical treatments. She will help guide and enable you to make the most informed and appropriate decision

Before Your Consultation

Our Patient Care Coordinator will contact you prior to your visit to introduce herself and identify your goals for your consultation. You will be informed about the consultation fees for your visit.  Our Patient Care Coordinator will be your main point of contact in our practice and will serve as your guide through your aesthetic surgery, treatment plan, or both.

How to Prepare for Your First Consultation

Prior to your consultation, our office will send an introductory email welcoming you to the practice and confirming the specifics of your consultation appointment.  Included in this email are your patient information and health history forms.  


For any facial rejuvenation or surgery consultations, we kindly ask that you bring with you, portrait style photographs of yourself in your 20s, 30s and 40s, or a photograph in which you like how you look, to your appointment.  These photographs will serve as Dr. Knoll’s guide to restore, preserve, or to harmonize your unique facial features and to identify age related changes. 


For surgery of other areas of the body, our office will provide you with any specifics for your upcoming consultation visit in order to provide you with a thorough personal assessment.  


Your Consultation with Dr Knoll

During your in person consultation with Dr. Knoll you will have the opportunity to discuss with her your concerns and your aesthetic goals.  Part of your consultation will include an evaluation and assessment by Dr. Knoll.  For those patients whom are good candidates for an aesthetic treatment or surgery the practice offers, an individualized summary, cost proposal or treatment plan and surgery specific information will be provided, designed on on your discussion with Dr. Knoll.

A follow up from your Patient Care Coordinator

After your consultation with Dr. Knoll, a digital copy of your procedure, cost proposal  and additional information will be sent to you within a fews days via email.    Your Patient Care Coordinator will contact you to address any questions that have arisen since your consultation. Your Patient Care Coordinator will also assist you with the scheduling process for your surgery or treatment. 


Treatment Plan Review

As part of our ongoing service to you in your recovery from either your surgery or treatment, your Patient Care Coordinator will conduct scheduled check-ins to evaluate your progress and remind you of next steps.   This can vary from emails, phone calls or in office appointments.  Our office and Patient Care Coordinator are happy to provide these check-ins based on your lifestyle needs and preference.

Annual Evaluation

For patients who are participating in a (non) surgical  treatment plan of Dr. Knoll’s recommendation, an annual review with Dr. Knoll to review the progress since starting their treatment plan or surgery is advised.  Adjustments to treatment courses can be changed or altered as needed.