Valerie Mignon’s career in medical offices dates back to 2000. Having attended what is now Anthem College, in Irving, Texas (a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth) Valerie studied and trained as a Medical Assistant, with focus on front office management, phlebotomy and in-office procedures.

In 2005, Valerie made the move to the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery field. With her sunny disposition, exceptional memory and organizational skills, she quickly earned the position of Patient Care Coordinator. Valerie values the role she holds in an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery practice knowing that true plastic surgery isn’t about a one size/surgery suits all, but rather that each person has different wants and needs and enjoys helping them find a safe way to achieve it. Having worked with some of the world’s highly renowned Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in Dallas, Texas, Valerie’s experience and knowledge ranges from patient education, office management, surgery coordination, hands on post operative care for patients, to the role of FDA clinical site study coordinator.

2017 brought this Texas Native to Germany to live on a permanent basis. Leaving the United States and her choose field behind, Valerie settled into life as an expat. Later that year the yearning to return to work prompted her quest to return to the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, she called home. With both Valerie’s and Dr. Bianca Knoll’s training having taken place in the United States, the perfect balance of Western Medical Training meets in Europe was had.

Valerie helps to manage both the Germans and International patients who visit the office.   She offers a warm and friendly Texas greeting to everyone that enters the practice.

Whether it is your first consultation, first surgery or your third…. Valerie will be there to help guide you from consult to surgery and from surgery to your follow up appointments. Valerie Mignon brings U.S. Southern hospitality to the field of German medicine and a bit of “Home” to others in Frankfurt, Germany.