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Meet Your Patient Care Coordinator -
Valerie Mignon

Guiding you along your patient experience within the Practice of Dr. Bianca Knoll, is Valerie Mignon. The Texas native that serves as a personal support to each patient learning about their individual options with Dr. Knoll, shares more about her passion for patient care, and how she came be.

Q: How long have you been working in the Medical Field?
A: 20 Years collectively, 15 exclusively in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I trained in Texas as a Medical Assistant with a focus on front office management, Phlebotomy, and in-office procedures.

Q: When did you make the switch to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery?
A: In 2005 I made the switch to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery as a Patient Care Coordinator.

Q: What is a Patient Care Coordinator?
A: A role which grew over time with the Practice I was working for in Texas and carries over to my position now. My career in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery began under world renowned surgeons, here I formed best practices under leading insight. Between my medical training, and I suppose my disposition, both merged and I became responsible for Patient Education, something I find purpose in. It is empowering knowing your options, if I can help patients find the safest way to achieve their wishes, that is a great thing, and it also might mean our office is not the right fit. My experience has taught me there is a time and place for everything in the field. It has been my job to educate and liaise on behalf of Patients before they set foot in the consultation room. This act of preparation may seem subtle, but from behind-the-scenes it makes a world of difference and impacts results.

Q: In the United States, you worked under world renowned Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. What was that like, do have any secrets to share?
A: The joint practice I had worked for provided mentor-ship with a range of knowledge and experiences. Everything from patient education, office management, surgery coordination, hands on post-operative patient care, to FDA clinical site study coordinator. It was extensive, demonstrating the importance and safety of limitations. Offices should have boundaries and no is a word worth using.

Q: You quipped, it took flying across the world to find a match – working with Dr Bianca Knoll. What did you mean by that and how did you find one another?
A: In 2017 I moved to Germany and wanted to find work again, so I called “home”. Dr Knoll’s training in the U.S. and my former Practice’s network collided. As luck would have it, we were sitting in the same city, and never looked back. Our office is very much a blend of western medical training and hospitality with a European lifestyle.

Q: What should Patients in Europe know about western medical training?
A: Advancements and competition aside, we believe hospitality is part of the pre- and post-operative care. Whether it is your first consultation to your third surgery, I am here to help guide you along the way. Being able to add my “American” hospitality to German medicine has provided a nice familiarity for our ex-pat community and halo effect on the international nature of Frankfurt.

Q: What are a few words for future Patients?
A: Successful results and care are in the details.

To call patient care a passion of mine is accurate. Providing you with the hands on support from my years of experience and knowledge in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is a genuine privilege. I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you in our Frankfurt office soon.

Valerie Mignon