Botox treatments helps to reduce facial lines and to slow down the facial aging process. Dr Bianca Knoll. Plastic Surgeon

Facial Fillers and Injectables in Frankfurt, Germany

Although advancements in the technology of HA fillers have significantly improved the ability of these products over the years, facial HA fillers and injectables have taken a turn during the past decades. Unfortunately the influence of social media, marketing has created a „beauty ideal“ that looks anything than natural, sophisticated or classy. Since the later is the aesthetic signature of this office, we rarely use fillers.

As a surgery based medical office we found other techniques more efficient and advanced to replenish age related volume loss, and to restore youthfulness with some downtime. With the exception of
non-surgical rhinoplasty, filler treatments are only sometimes  as an adjunct to other procedures, . For this reason we do not offer corrective procedures of former HA filler treatments or treatment of filler complications performed by a different provider.

Fillers and injectables are not replacing a facelift, or any other aesthetic plastic surgery procedure, as often marketed. Fillers and injectables are to be considered more as an addendum to the treatment tools available in the aesthetic field. If filler treatments are skillfully performed, in moderation, and not overdone, they will lead to aesthetically pleasing results. However, HA fillers often remain within the tissue to some degree, cause scarring and may therefore limit the outcomes of treatments like for example regenerative lipofilling.When the effects of age related gravity or the loss of volume is present, non-surgical treatment options are not the best choice. A soft, but saggy face will neither appear youthful nor attractive. These patients will greatly benefit from a faceneck lift with fat transfer for volume restoration,  procedures which require more downtime.

Different from HA fillers is the injection with you own viable tissue, ie fat transfer. Micro and nano fat grafting techniques work in a similar way to injectable fillers, but using your own tissue. The micro and nano fat grafting can be combined with PRP (Platelet enriched Plasma), enhancing the regenerative effect of your fat transfer. The difference to HA fillers is, that it is a small surgical procedure, with some downtime and higher cost, but using your own tissue with all its advantages and disadvantages.

The best aesthetic and restorative approach is always geared toward facial harmony and a beautiful, natural appearance.

Lip Filler or Upper Lip Lift?

Volume loss and upper lip lines are a common sign of aging. The upper lip looses its nice eversion, and enlongates over time. Instead of expanding and further elongating an already age related elongated upper lip by injecting HA fillers, it is often wiser to perform an upper lip lift. An upper lip lift restores a shorter and everted youthful upper lip. When considering an upper lip lift the dental show and a patient’s underlying skeletal anatomy needs to be taken into account. Younger patients seeking an upper lip lift are often trend and social media driven, and are rarely good candidates for a lip lift.

The best treatment is one that is personalized to your anatomy, and your particular areas of concern. During your office consultation with Dr. Knoll you will be thoroughly examined, allowing us to provide you with information pertaining to non-surgical treatments, surgery where indicated, realistic expectations and cost associated with your individual treatment plan.