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Surgery Costs Dr Bianca Knoll – Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

The costs of an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure may vary depending on the complexity, length of the procedure and the details involved. Usually there are 3 different costs associated with a surgery: the surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, and anesthesia fee.

Dr Bianca Knoll’s office in Frankfurt will provide you with a detailed cost proposal including all these 3 different costs after your consultation. During your office consultation with Dr. Knoll you will be thoroughly examined, allowing us to provide you information pertaining to surgery, pre-operative testing requirements and cost associated with your individualized surgery plan. For these reasons a consultation in our Frankfurt office is strongly encouraged.

We understand that costs of surgery are relevant for each patient. However it is difficult to provide any information about costs related to surgery without having examined or spoken to the patient. In some cases a rough estimate of your desired surgery can be provided. Send us some pictures of the area you are concerned about, with a short descriptions of what you are looking for, and we will be happy to send you a ballpark number or range, if you are considered to be a candidate.

Consultation Fee – Dr Bianca Knoll

You will be personally meeting with Dr. Bianca Knoll for your consultation. The consultation with Dr Bianca Knoll will be very thorough, and informative. Please plan enough time for your first visit, which takes usually about an hour. During your personal consultation with Dr Knoll, Dr Knoll will carefully listen to your concerns, examine you and thoroughly analyse your case. She will then discuss this with you, and explain your available options. Dr. Knoll will be honest about realistic expectations, obtainable results, potential risks and benefits associated with your aesthetic plastic surgery procedure. You will also receive further information about any type of preoperative testing required and additional information about the procedure. Costs of your consultation appointment are due after your consultation and depend on the complexity of the consultation, requested cost proposals, and medical reports requested.

During your consultation Dr Knoll will go over in detail with you how your current concerns, hormone levels, and age related changes interact, and what treatment options might be beneficial to you. To learn more about the exciting topic contact the office of Dr. Knoll to set up you consultation.

If you wish to have additional information or would like to schedule a consultation please contact the office of Dr Bianca Knoll, we will be happy to assist you.

Financing of Your Surgery

Some patients prefer to finance their surgery for a variety of reasons. Dr Knoll understands those concerns. There are several companies specialized in financing medical and surgical treatments. Another option is to check with your regular bank. They often offer comparable or even better conditions than some of the financing companies. This might be preferable for patients from abroad.