Before and after of Dr Knoll results are available to our patients during their in person consultation in Frankfurt, Germany. Plastic surgery outcomes will be individually discussed by Dr Knoll

Before And After Photos

„By German Law (Heilmittelwerbegesetz) HWG § 11 Abs. 1 Nr. 5 comparative pre-/ and post-op photos of patients are not allowed to be presented on the WWW.“

Unfortunately we are not allowed by law to display any comparative pre- and postoperative photographs of patients on the Internet. We understand that this an essential interest of every patient looking for a plastic surgeon, and deciding where to go.

Often we are being asked if we could send before and after fotos by email, before setting up an appointment.  For patient confidentiality reasons this is not possible.

Next to a patient’s privacy, it is important to us to give you a realistic impression, what to expect undergoing an aesthetic plastic surgery procedure, not simply display a singled out non-comparative photograph on the Internet displaying a „beautified“ snapshot of your treatment.

During your consultation Dr. Bianca Knoll will be able to show you results of her own, short and longterm follow ups for a variety of procedures.  You will have enough time to review and discuss together with Dr. Knoll the series of Before and After photos, and to discuss your wishes and your individual case. This will give you the opportunity to hear more about the individual cases presented, and what similarities or differences might be present compared to your individual situation.

During your consultation Dr. Knoll will carefully listen to your concerns, examine you and thoroughly analyse your case. She will then discuss this with you, and explain your available options. Dr. Knoll will be honest about realistic expectations, obtainable results, potential risks and benefits associated with your procedure.  Medical „Before“ photographs will be performed.  In some specific cases, like rhinoplasty or profileplasty, computer imaging is part of Dr. Bianca Knoll’s consultations in her Frankfurt office. You will also receive further information about any type of preoperative testing required and additional information about the procedure.