Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr Bianca Knoll welcomes you in Frankfurt Germany.

Our office

In our office luxury sits between knowledge and decision-making. Dr Bianca Knoll’s loyalty to the culture of her office is unwavering and unfettered from paid product endorsements. Her office is in a discrete area of Westend Frankfurt, her patient is modern, their ambition wielded by years of experience unphased their 20’s has bid adieu.

Each consultation we host is unique and the details curated throughout our office tell you who we are. First greeted by a warm voice taking your jacket, our Patient Care Coordinator tends to your comfort while leading you through the grand foyer. Towards the waiting room black and white photographs line the walls. Tracing each message, before taking your seat, hangs a picture of sixty-year-old Audrey Hepburn, a reminder that you are not in an office offended by beauty and aging.

On introduction, Dr Knoll greets you ready to listen, whether you have a few words or a monologue both are met with composure. Her office showcases her science-based artistry, the wall behind her is lined with Yale Graduate Diplomas, esteemed membership plaques, and research awards all defining her relationship with science, commitment to safety, and advancements in surgical rejuvenation. Dr Knoll’s pre- and post-operative care is relentlessly detailed focused on your comfort and results.

Successful outcomes mean knowing your options and finding the right match, making each contact and consultation with you important and unique. Insight is at the helm of our work, and you are the footprint of our practice.