Tuberous breast correction can be performed by either using a breast implant and or fat grafting. Plastic Surgeon Dr Bianca Knoll in Frankfurt Germany

Tuberous Breast in Frankfurt, Germany

Tuberous breasts are a developmental, congenital condition of the breast, of unclear origin, affecting a woman’s breast shape. As the physical appearance varies a lot regarding severity and asymmetry, so does the manner in which a patient’s breast is affected. Tuberous breasts might be identified as constricted breasts, tubular breasts, ptotic breasts, or herniated areolas. Since the presentation of a tuberous breast deformity ranges from mild to severe, the mild forms are often overlooked.

Tuberous breasts are not just small breasts, they have some very distinct characteristics. Wildly different degrees of the following might be present in a patient with a tuberous breast deformity:

  • Breast constriction like a short breast base and high riding breast fold.
  • Small breast volume (Hypoplasia)
  • Skin deficiency majorly of the inferior portion of the breast (i.e short nipple to inframammary fold distance)
  • Enlarged, puffy appearing areola (Areaolar herniation)
  • Significant asymmetry between 2 breasts.
  • Small but saggy appearance

Patients with a tuberous breast deformity may present with one or several of these anatomical facets, often resulting in severe breast asymmetry profoundly affecting a woman’s well being.

Modern Correction of Tuberous Breast Deformity

Tuberous breast deformity is often treated with a breast implant. Depending on the on the degree and asymmetry of the tuberous breast deformity there is much more involved, than a straight forward breast augmentation. The most important thing is that your surgeon identifies the specific anatomical features and discusses them with you. On the other hand, it is also important that the patient understands, that her situation is different from the typical breast augmentation patient and has realistic expectations. To Dr Knoll’s experience the milder forms of tuberous breasts are often under-appreciated and under-diagnosed. If theses cases go unnoticed by the surgeon or are not thoroughly discussed with the patient, the results are often disappointing to the patient.
Correcting the various degrees of skin deficiency, glandular tissue restrictions, breast fold height asymmetry, areolar herniation, and volume require additional steps during the breast implant placement. One of the paramount steps is the internal release of the restricted glandular tissue during surgery. Moderate and advanced tuberous breast deformities can be demanding in balancing the breast shape, volume, and areolar size. Correcting a tuberous breast deformity my requiring additional breast lifting procedures, periareolar or vertical, defining a new breast fold, adjusting the areolar size, and sometime contouring with fat transfer. Despite the fact that the majority of the tuberous breast deformities are corrected in a single stage procedure, some minor adjustment might be necessary. This includes minor scar revisions or additional contouring with lipofilling.
In the past, a common thought was that the implant has to be placed in front of the muscle to allow expansion of the lower pole. Thankfully nowadays, patients undergoing a tuberous breast deformity correction are also able to benefit from a subpectoral breast implant due to advances in surgical techniques and the broad variety of breast implants available. It is the goal of Dr Bianca Knoll to give you the most effective and safe operative approches to achieve the desired improvements in breast shape. Most of Dr Bianca Knoll’s tuberous breast corrections can be performed safely in an ambulatory setting. Depending on your general health, and your personal comfort, an overnight stay in the hospital might be preferred. Dr Knoll and her team will be happy to provide you with further information about corrective procedure and answer your questions during your consultation in our office.

What to Expect During a Tuberous Breast Correction

The success of a tuberous breast repair is clearly dependent on the meticulous planning, realistic expectations, aesthetic sense of your surgeon, and skilled surgical performance of your surgery. Patients are often concerned about visible scarring. The incisions for a tuberous breast repair are conducted via an periareolar, inframammary fold incision, or in a „lollipop“- type of pattern. Although the incisions will be closed tediously and precise, the incisions still might be noticeable depending on the individual healing and scar formation. A tuberous breast correction is commonly performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient. Depending on your general health and your personal comfort, you may prefer an overnight stay in the hospital. After your surgery you will undergo a similar healing process as breast augmentation patients, but you will have in addition swelling and bruising, which will gradually subside within the following weeks.

Tuberous Breast Correction Recovery

Patients undergoing a tuberous breast correction will undergo a similar recovery process to patients who have undergone a combined breast augmentation with a lift. During your post-operative recovery you will wear a a breast band and possibly light support bra for about 6 weeks. You will see Dr Knoll in her Frankfurt office regularly for dressing changes and check ups. Although Dr Knoll will try not to use any drains, they might be necessary in some cases. Initially the breasts will be swollen and bruised, and implants (if used), are riding high if placed under the muscle. The amount of bruising and swelling can vary from patient to patient, but Dr Knoll’s office will provide you with helpful pre and post-operative care information to advance your healing process. Dr Bianca Knoll and her staff will have your best interest at heart, and will do everything they can to have your surgery go well, and your recovery proceed smoothly, safely and with the least amount of discomfort possible.
We are happy to provide you with further information about the tuberous breast correction and answer your questions during your consultation in Dr Bianca Knoll’s office.

Tuberous Breast Correction Cost

The costs of a tuberous breast correction may vary depending on the complexity, length of the procedure and the details involved. Usually there are 3 different costs associated with a surgery: the surgeon’s fee, hospital fee, and anesthesia fee.Dr Bianca Knoll’s office in Frankfurt will provide you with a detailed cost proposal including all these 3 different costs after your consultation. The best thing to do is to come in to see Dr Knoll for a consultation. You will be thoroughly examined and provided with all the information you will need. You will also receive further information about any type of preoperative testing required and additional information about the procedure. If you wish to have additional information or would like to schedule a consultation please contact the office of Dr Bianca Knoll, we will be happy to assist you.

We understand that it can be impartial for some of our out of town/ international patients to travel to Frankfurt for an initial consultation. For this reason, Dr. Knoll offers online consultations. By submitting a series of photographs, information about your desired outcome, and a little about yourself, we can start to determine if you are a good candidate. Though a virtual consultation starts the conversation, it does have it’s limitations and does not replace the need to be seen in person for a traditional consultation to finalize plans for a procedure.