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Microneedling Advanced Concepts in Collagen Induction Therapy in Frankfurt, Germany

Microneedling either applied by a dermaroller or more sophisticatedly with a Dermapen® will cause micro injuries without causing scars, but resulting in increased collagen formation by initiating the wound healing cascade. Local growth factors are playing an essential role in wound healing, the positive effects of microneedling, and nano fat grafting. Microneedling for example causes micro injuries, in the dermal layer of your skin activating your regular wound healing cascade which can be enhanced by an additional application of local growth factors.
The effectiveness can be enhanced and augmented by introducing medications to the microchannels created by the micro-needling to further boost skin regeneration and new collagen formation.

How Is Medical Microneedling Different?

Although you will see some effects from home microneedling devices, medical microneedling is usually performed to reach to the deeper levels of your skin. Medical microneedling uses devices like the Dermapen® to be able to alternate depth, frequency, and width of the micro-channels. This allows treatment of even difficult and otherwise hard to get to areas, like the lower eyelid area for example. Physicians also have access to prescription drugs to be applied to your skin after your microneedling treatment allowing more compelling results. When having your medical microneedling performed in a physicians or surgeon’s office, we assure you of the appropriate hygiene during the procedure.

What to Expect From Microneedling Treatment

After Dr Bianca Knoll, has discussed the right microneedling treatment plan, we will schedule your procedure for in the office. The treatment itself is well tolerated. The skin will be red after the treatment for about 24 hrs. We will give you skin care instructions before you will leave the office.

The positive effect on your skin is not immediately visible. It will take several weeks until you notice the difference. Which is understandable, if you think about process of new collagen formation and improvement of skin textures. Some of our patients who have undergone several treatments of microneedling report a visible skin tightening effect.

To learn more about microneedling and your treatment options, please contact the office of Dr. Knoll to set up your consultation.