Regenerative Treatments – Restore, Repair, Regenerate

Regenerative treatments are the best, and newest innovations to maintain, to correct and to enhance a patients appearance. Molecular biology meets aesthetic plastic surgery. Best results, for a better you. Dr Bianca Knoll Frankfurt Germany

Regenerative facial treatments are designed individually for self renewability with fat grafting.  

The purpose of regenerative rejuvenation is not to change or alter the shape of the face and its features, but to regenerate, repair and restore what has been lost due to aging, hormonal and environmental changes throughout the years.    

Sun damage, volume loss, laxity, wrinkles and decrease of underlying muscle tone are all factors to our facial biological  and environmental aging.  Regenerative treatments of the face, neck and skin take into consideration each of the three main components and how they all play a part in the harmonious restoration of: The Skin. The Soft Facial Tissue and the Muscles.  

In a personalized consultation with Dr. Knoll, our patients are asked to bring in photographs of themselves from 5, 10, 15 and even 20 years ago.  During this appointment, we discuss the various changes the patient’s face has undergone.  

Due to Dr. Knoll’s background in Craniofacial surgery, she has a deep knowledge and respect for the facial anatomy that is crucial and often overlooked for safe and effective results over time.  A key point to understand with regenerative treatments for the face, neck and skin is that the ageing process did not happen overnight, and like wise, the treatments for Regenerating, Repairing, Relocating to Restoring to Regain a youthful glow and appearance, will not happen overnight in reverse.  

Choosing the right regenerative treatments by targeting different cellular repair processes at the best momentum in a patients life will carry a long way. To learn more about how Dr. Knoll is re-thinking aging smartly , contact our office.    

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