Dr Knoll is a recognized board certified plastic surgeon. She graduated from the Plastic Surgery Training program at Yale University in addition a two-year basic science research fellowship. Her basic science and clinical research concentrated on aesthetic and craniofacial surgery, authoring numerous papers and book chapters. In addition to her written works Dr Knoll is an internationally invited speaker presenting her scientific work at recognized meetings. She also serves as an editorial board member of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal , the patient safety committee of the European Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (EASAPS), the communication committee of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), the Advisory Board of Equal Opportunities of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons (EURAPS), and as the Chairman of the Governance Committee of the European Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (EASAPS).

Dr Knoll is a member of the following professional societies:

At Dr Knoll aesthetic plastic surgery practice we focus on advanced techniques in rhinoplasty surgery, surgical rejuvenation of the face and neck, and aesthetic surgery of the breast and body. It is our goal to provide you with the most successful, natural and safest results in plastic surgery. Having been trained under Yale’s plastic surgery program Dr Knoll brings a broad blend of experiences to help understand your wishes providing optimal results.


After graduating from medical school (J.W. Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany) and completing a one and a half years of maxillofacial surgery training  (University Medical Center in Frankfurt), Dr Knoll a German native, trained exclusively in the United States for her  plastic surgery residency at (Yale University). Here she recognized the fundaments of basic science in clinical care and advanced training in Plastic Surgery, pursuing a two year research fellowship in molecular biology preceding her formal plastic surgery training at Yale University. The clinical and basic science research resulted in worldwide scientific publications, book chapters and  sought after summit presentations on aesthetic and craniofacial surgery. Dr Bianca Knoll trained and worked with world leaders in plastic surgery receiving a broad spectrum of training in aesthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, burns, hand surgery and craniofacial surgery. At this time she trained further with ardour primary and secondary / revision rhinoplasties, oculoplastic / eyelid surgery and craniofacial surgeryDr Knoll trained in rhinoplasty surgery with top leaders and innovators, Drs Jack Gunter and Rod Rohrich in Dallas, Texas. As well as for aesthetic surgery for the face and body with Drs Sherrell Aston, Glenn Jelks, and Alan Matarasso in New York, NY. Her training in craniofacial surgery and correction of craniosynostosis was  received by Dr John Persing, New Haven CT and Dr Eric Arnaud, Paris, France (see Curriculum Vitae).


Dr Knoll’s perspective is your advantage. Information and experiences about new techniques, outcomes and technology are often exchanged long before being published in professional journals or made public. Dr Knoll’s exquisite International network, surgical experience and knowledge provide a guide to the oftentimes confusing and conflicting claims in therapeutic innovations in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetics,. Dr Knoll and her team welcoming known for their professional demeanor, high standards and patient-focused interests. 


It is our goal to optimize your appearance achieving an aesthetically balanced result. Dr Knoll’s perspective with aesthetic surgery suggests most people prefer a natural, classically beautiful result opposed to an overdone, “operated” look. This makes it crucial understanding aesthetic relations along with anatomical and pathologic changes associated with aging, in addition to  selecting a method most likely to provide a true and long-lasting improvement. It might require a combination of surgical and nonsurgical techniques, based on your expectations, interests, health, and time commitments making the decision process an extended effort. Dr Knoll’s office is highly experienced accompanying all aspects of the decision process and are happy to assist you along the way.

Reconstructive plastic surgery  often times has different requirements compared to aesthetic plastic surgery. We look to provide the best functional and aesthetic result possible. As a patient, or parent dealing with a new diagnosis requiring surgery, decision making can be stressful, impacting you or a loved one’s lives. Our office is committed to helping you understand various treatments and options you have after a cancer or trauma diagnoses which benefits from reconstructive surgery. In order to find the best treatment plan it is essential we collaborate with you and your physician.

Our goal is to provide you with the best, safest and most recent advancements in surgical care, whether it’s related to aesthetic or reconstructive surgery.


About 50% of Dr Knoll’s patients are English speaking. Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, and the Rhine-Main region is an area for many people working or living abroad in Germany. Dr Knoll’s patient base is international with different aesthetic, ethnicities and medical concerns. She and her team understand, undergoing surgery in a foreign country can be challenging with language barriers, a different medical system and culture. Especially for our patients travelling to Frankfurt just for their surgery.  The Main-Taunus Privatklinik in Bad Soden (nearby Frankfurt), where a  portion of our cases take place, have  international patient management. Dr Knoll and her staff have set a full process  making it safe, efficient and convenient.

Dr Knoll is committed to finding the best option for you through careful deliberation and planning. She and her staff are concentrated on your interests exhausting all options for your surgery followed by a smooth and safe recovery with the least  discomfort possible. If you live outside of Germany Dr Knoll will provide you with any necessary evaluations and/or letters you may require in your home country.

Please feel free to contact the office of Dr Bianca Knoll in Frankfurt for any concerns you may have or further information. Dr Knoll and her team are happy to assist you.