Timing Breast augmentation in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s in Frankfurt, Germany

When you think of the words “Plastic Surgery” chances are a breast augmentation, “boob job,” or “breast enhancement” popped into mind. This is still one of the most requested plastic surgery procedures. Having been in this field, 15 plus years, and experiencing surgical skills on both side of the world, starting my career in America then relocated to Germany, it’s nice to know that patients in general are still the same.

Whether in their early 20’s or having celebrated their 15 anniversary or turning 30… (that’s 45)… or even beyond, there are characteristics of each age group that have stayed the same. For both sides of the ocean.

In our 20’s …. Those considering breast augmentation at this age have usually been unhappy with the shape and or size of their breast for most of their teen years. Most come in looking to get rid of the push up bras, water bras, or those oh so stylish “cutlets.” You know those plastic inserts you can add to any bra or swimsuit. I once  had a patient who once told me she knew it was time for a breast surgery when her cutlet came floating out while in the hot tube. “There it was,” she said laughing so hard tears filled her eyes. “Just bobbing up and down in the bubbles.”

Not all paths to surgery start out this comical, but there are key points that woman in their twenties need to consider when deciding to move forward.

While it is generally easy to bounce back from a breast augmentation surgery, being in your 20’s generally means a fitter, healthier individual, leading to shorter downtime. On a realistic level, it is wise to consider this to be the FIRST of your breast surgeries when you undergo a breast augmentation in your twenties. Planning a family in the future? What pregnancy can do to the body, and aging process, it is safe to consider that the need and/or desire to undergo another breast surgery in your life time might arise.

In our 30’s…. Women at this age are typically seeking out breast augmentation to replace what was either lost from breast feeding and children, or finally have made the leap to do something for themselves. Either way, patients in their thirties are generally well researched, prepared in their likes and dislikes and make up the largest age demographic of women undergoing breast augmentation.

These women are well organized having been in the work force and/or running households and follow recovery routines to a tee. Patients in their 30’s need to understand that while the chance is slim, there still might be the need to undergo another breast surgery, if aesthetically they become unhappy with the way that aging affects their breast. No matter how good a plastic surgeon is, no one can stop Mother Nature and her aging process. We are all just trying to outsmart her too.

In our 40’s…. Women at this age have generally concluded their families by this point and are looking to restore the toll that pregnancies and children took on their breast. This for some, not only means adding lost volume, but the removal of excess skin in order to use a more reasonable sized implant. I think my patient explained it best when she said “I want the breast I push into the bra…. but without the bra.”

While most medical visits at this age are routine and yearly, forty in most plastic surgery offices will require a few additional preoperative test than the younger ladies having surgery undergo. Collectively speaking, this age has the least amount of post operative questions of “when can I expect…” or “how long before…” questions as they know healing is a person by person, day by day process.

In our 50’s…. A breast augmentation is for anyone of good health. It’s ageless. Women who undergo a breast augmentation in their fifties aren’t the little white haired, shoulders draped in a crochet shawl, cain using ladies. While there is medical clearance requirements and other preoperative testing to undergo, women who have breast augmentation at fifty tell me, “I don’t feel 50. Why should parts of me look it?”

No matter the age, this general rule applies: Only get breast augmentation for yourself. While it is great to have the support of a spouse/partner, family and friends, the decision of your body and what should happen, is yours to make. A good board certified plastic surgeon will guide you in specifics for your body, but at the end of the day, you wake up with your decisions. Make good ones, no matter what age you have surgery at.

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