October 2023

Complex Revision Rhinoplasty

Probably One of the Best Surgeons in Europe. In 2021, I underwent a complex revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Bianca Knoll. She is very likable but also one of the few surgeons in Europe that match up to US plastic surgeons and I have great results. I fully recommend going to her especially for more complex procedures!

What I liked about her initially is that her credentials and expertise are pretty impressive. She graduated from Yale University and was trained by some of the most renowned doctors in the field (like Dr. Rod Rohrich). She seems to be up-to-date with newest surgery methods and has a fancy posh office which makes other plastic surgeons in Germany look like “Wald-und-Wiesen” doctors ( amateurs). I did another smaller procedure with another surgeon this year and regret so much not going to her.

After a primary rhinoplasty more than 5 years ago my nose was pretty thin, over-projected and collapsed. In a difficult surgery, she turned it into a very natural looking and proportional nose. I don’t want to post pictures here but recently my nose was compared to that of the actress Ella Purnell and I sometimes receive random compliments on it. 

It took some time but I really learned to appreciate Dr. Knoll’s natural-looking results. To be honest, I was pretty keen on keeping my unnaturally upturned nose but she convinced me that this won’t age well. About a year after the revision surgery with her, I visited a well-renown surgeon to ask whether he would advise another revision to lift my tip again – he refused, told me that my revision is “excellent work” and sent me home 🙂 

Refreshingly, she also advises against unnecessary surgeries. My first consultation with her was online and I asked for another procedure. She advised me against it but pointed out that I might want to look into a nose revision. When I saw her in person she told me that my nose looks better in person and that it’s up to me whether I want a revision or not. This made me feel like she is not only in it for the $ but that she really cares about good results. She’s also great at expectation management and told me what can and cannot be corrected beforehand always stressing that “better is the enemy of good”. I feel that the few people posting negative reviews here probably did not have realistic expectations or could not deal with her refusing to do unnecessary revisions. If she does not believe that something would look better on you or make a significant difference, she will let you know!

As someone who lived in both, Germany and the US, I was positively surprised about her prices. She’s probably at the mid to higher end of prices for a German surgeon but in the US getting surgery from someone like her would probably cost 4x as much. My revision surgery (that was initially scheduled to be 5 hours) was a bit less than 10k Euro including the anesthesia. Honestly, if you live in the US and are looking for a good surgeon I’d consider going to her, especially if it’s a complex procedure. It’s like getting American-level quality at European-level prices!

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