May 2019

Outstanding Professionalism, Impeccable Execution

Absolutely trustworthy. Overall, Dr. Knoll has helped me achieve this personal goal in the most outstanding way possible. First class care, full dedication to patient´s wishes, concerns and questions make this tough decision much more comfortable. I was cared for at all times, prepared mentally for the change, and the surgery was flawless.

I went from an A to an approximate (self-estimated) C cup with an under muscular smooth implant 350cc, which was decided with Dr. Knoll via extensive, careful process with realistic expectation setting and a great atmosphere of professionalism yet a bit of humor and fun where appropriate to make me, a 27 year old, feel at ease. After surgery I had very little pain, no bruising, and in a few days I regained motion of my arms. I am thrilled with my decision and I would recommend Dr. Knoll to anybody who is interested in this surgery.
Here more details on the full experience.
First Approach:
I approached Dr. Knoll about a breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Knoll is highly experienced in her field and her CV speaks for itself: what I can add personally is that Dr. Knoll earned my trust from the first appointment. She explained thoroughly all my options, the procedures in details, pros and cons as well as risks I could face. She was more than happy to answer all my questions and concerns, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they might have sounded to me. Dr. Knoll is extremely professional at all times and has great manners in interacting with her patients, making the interpersonal experience really comfortable and pleasant (in a significant decision like this, a smile and a little joke here and there helped me a lot in getting at ease). Dr. Knoll also allowed me all the time needed to make the decision, while still accommodating for a short-time execution once the decision was made due to a personal deadline. This was also thanks to the coordination and help of her assistant, Valerie, which is an exquisite person, highly experienced and will assist you from day 1 without hesitating .
Before the Surgery:
I decided to go through with the surgery: Dr. Knoll saw me for my pre-operative appointment and prepared me mentally very well for all possible outcomes and set realistic expectations in my mind. I think this type of mental training helped me a lot. She had me do my homework to spot breasts I liked from a visual standpoint (size, shape, general look) as well as doing some testing on how I would want to see myself changed in the end. These homework really helped and she listened carefully to all the feedback and comments I provided to her each step of the way. This is a hard decision, changing your body: not knowing what you might end up looking coming out the other side is scary and having someone coaching you properly will make it smooth to wake up to right after the surgery.
The Surgery:
The day of the surgery I showed up at the private clinic where Dr. Knoll operates: the staff is very friendly and help me get ready and the IV in. When Dr. Knoll arrived I was fully relaxed as I knew I was in good hands and I had her in my corner. She took great care of me and made sure all my needs were taken care of. I decided to not stay the night in the hospital so when I woke up after the surgery I checked out. I was feeling well, no side effect of the anesthesia (which also is an appointment that take place before surgery and does consist of a thorough prep with the clinic team) and the pain was very manageable. Later that night though Dr. Knoll still checked on me via phone to make sure I was okay and the pain regimen was working.
After the surgery:
I woke up and after regaining consciousness, I was really happy: the pain was really manageable and the result was much better than I was prepared to face in the mirror at day 1. I had no bruises at all. Just two pads to cover the scars. Although the breasts will take time to adjust to the “final state” I can say I was comfortable with how things looked and the pain was completely manageable.
I went to my after 24 h appointment and after 1 week appointment: things are looking good, I feel healthy and after a week I regained full range of motion of my arms, following the exercises I was taught.
On a personal level I am very happy I have done this change: I was confident with my body before but enhancing my breasts from an A cup to a good full C (estimated by myself, will see after a year the final size) has made me very happy with my overall look and the decision process that led me to it was in the safe hands of the best doctor one can ask for .
I couldn´t be happier to have done this surgery and to have Dr. Knoll perform it. 

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