November 2014

Mommy Makeover after Weight Loss

I lost 115 pounds in a year and a half. I have always been a busty woman. I was a 40 g cup. Then I went down to a 32 c/d. Victoria had a secret. It was taco Tuesday everyday. I literally could roll my breasts and had to constantly tuck them away. No low cut blouses for me. It was mortifying. In clothes you would have never known what horrors laid beneath. I am a military spouse so trying to get anything covered is a nightmare. After a year I was approved for a reduction. Incidentally that also means a lift????. I was thrilled . I saw 2 different surgeons . One recommended an implant with the lift so that I would have upper pole fullness . Without it , I would be flat with a very small breast left. I knew I would not be happy with a size A. I just wanted to be a full C at most. I went with a 275 silicone implant with my lollipop lift. Now moving onto my tummy. I had a deflated elderly mans butt on my stomach. I could not sing the praises of spanx enough. I wear a size 0/2 jeans. No one ever could tell I had the floob hanging there underneath. I was horrified each day I disrobed. I got approved for a panniculectomy as well . Yay for me again. I did have reservations about needing a full abdominalplasty . I actually did. So I had lipo, a new belly button, and stomach muscles tightened. So far so good.

Love love love her

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