April 2012

Lower facelift “swan-like neck”

When one is seeking the services of a doctor, any professional actually, one researches the schools attended and credentials awarded. I was not only pleased and impressed with Dr. Knoll’s education and credentials, but I also found a surgeon with an eye for beauty, a sense of style and herself elegant. The perfect combination when it’s cosmetic surgery one is seeking.

I’m 69 years old, a former dancer and actress. I remain physically active and fit and blessed with good genes. Until recently most people were shocked to learn my real age, it was assumed I was twenty years younger. Sadly, I haven’t heard that said recently. My age began to show in my neck and jawline; they were aging faster than my face. Something had to be done!

I began interviewing plastic surgeons — when I met Dr. Bianca Knoll I knew my search was over. My first appointment was wonderful. It was spent getting to know each other and discussing my desired procedure and expectations. She answered my many questions and concerns with candor and ease. She explained in detail her approach to a neck lift, one I hadn’t heard before and it resonated with me. Where do I begin to sing Dr. Knoll’s praises? It’s been one month since surgery. My neck is smooth and so natural looking…and those jowls that were forming are gone! I have a beautiful clean jawline …all in harmony with my face.

No one notices that I’ve had anything done. The only people who have commented are those I confided in; and they are shocked and amazed at the result. Dr. Knoll is an artist. She has hidden the scars brilliantly. They were almost invisible after only two weeks! I cannot close without mentioning that not once since that first appointment nor of this writing have I ever felt rushed during an appointment or “encouraged” to do a bit more. My confidence in Dr. Knoll is so great that I would travel long distances to seek her advice, expertise and skilled artistry. Many thanks, as well, to her wonderful attentive staff…so kind and responsive to my telephone calls, emails and visits.

  • Facelift / Necklift / Double chin