February 2011

Liposuction Chin Germany

I’m living in Germany for a while with my husband and not working, so I decided to get chin lipo while I have the time to recover. I have had a double chin my whole life even when I was 120 pounds.

I just had it done on 1/22/2011 it has been over a week and I am still wearing my compression garment 24/7, I believe the worst part is the compression garment.

I see small but some change thus far. I read a lot of reviews on this site, and it seems like I just need to wait it out! My husband is also planning on having the surgery done. He believes there is a significant difference already.

The only Dr. in Germany that I found to be US Board/European/German Certified. A Yale Graduate, very smart, and professional. I was also told that many European doctors are not up to US standards.. Yikes!

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