November 2014

Lipoabdominoplasty: Cream of the Crop Doctor

and staff will give you the red carpet treatment. I have had two procedures with Dr Knoll The first procedure was an elective tummy tuck with liposuction in July 2013. During the consult phase, Dr Knoll answered every question I had and explained each part of the procedure in great detail. She provided me with medication prescriptions written in English and utilizing the standard American format so that I could fill them at my military medical treatment facility.   

Dr Knoll’s office assistant Medina, arranged all of the necessary ancillary appointments with the German practitioners and coordinated the appointments so that all could be completed with one visit to Frankfurt. Medina also provided me with recommendations and contact information for the hotels within the immediate vicinity of the office. The evening after the procedure, Dr Knoll called to verify I was ok and comfortable. She provided her cell phone number in case I needed to contact her during off business times. During the healing process, I encountered some complications that required me to purchase some supplies at a German Apoteke. Dr Knoll walked me through the entire process and even spoke personally to the pharmacist to ensure I received the correct items. In addition, Dr Knoll provided immediate feedback (either via email or telephone) to any further questions or concerns I had throughout the healing process. Her support, understanding, and dedication to me as a patient had a positive impact on my healing and well-being.

Having had such a positive experience with the elective procedure, Dr Knoll was my first choice when I needed corrective treatment for nerve damage in September 2014. I developed Frey Syndrome (excessive gustatory sweating of the face) following a previous cancer surgery. Upon consult with Dr Knoll, it was determined she could perform a surgery which would minimize/eliminate the appearance of Frey Syndrome and leave me with a better quality of life. As before the procedure was well explained and executed. The follow up and support with Dr Knoll have also been as noted before which is to re-state, simply fantastic. Medina once more flawlessly arranged ancillary appointments and even spoke with German medical staff immediately before surgery to facilitate a smooth transition with hospital nursing staff. The surgical encounter on the whole was by far the best surgical event I have ever experienced.

Dr Knoll is am American University educated (Yale) German doctor practicing in Frankfurt. Her English is impeccable, her demeanor is extremely friendly and professional, and her skills are unsurpassed. She and Medina treat each patient in such a manner that they are made to feel as though they are the only patient in the world. If I should ever need or want any further treatments, I would not hesitate to enlist her services once again.

  • Abdominoplasty with liposuction