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September 2015

It’s always very difficult to be stationed…

It’s always very difficult to be stationed overseas and to try to find a surgeon who meets American standards. …And what I mean by American standards is not so much the result but the experience. Dr. Bianca Knoll understands this. Trained at Yale and practiced all over the world, this woman is not only beautiful and intelligent but an absolute artist.

From the consultation to the follow ups, the experience has been a delight. We all know what it feels like to go through pain but to be reassured by the result, the competence and the care really makes that pain worth it. I came to her with an incredibly superficial irritant. I didn’t like my bumpy, chubby nose; simple as that. I told her that I wanted a nose that was more feminine, something that resembled a doll. She understood exactly what I wanted and not only took my vision but added her own creativity to the extent of a French movie star. And my result? I look like a French movie star. The private clinic that the surgery was performed in is unrivaled. I woke up out of anesthesia with zero pain, zero nausea and smiling, sweet, caring nurses all around me. I stayed in a local hotel that night in Frankfurt and saw Dr. Knoll the next day. After having the post surgical bandages and nose tampons removed (painless), I was sent home to recover with an external splint and internal stents in place. When I had a concern about something (probably emphasized and brought on by the Percocet) she wrote me back at 9:30 PM just to reassure me. Did I tell you how beautiful my nose is?? My prescriptions for the antibiotic and pain reliever were filled at one of the local military treatment facilities and you can use a VAT form, which will save you an incredible amount… that form saved me over €1000! You don’t have to travel back to the states to have an amazing surgical experience and transformation because it’s only an hour away.

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