May 2011

I Love my New Breast

Great Results I achieved the results I was looking for in my breast augmentation. Dr. K understood my concerns and provided me with detail information. She was very patient and did not push anything on me. I was able to think and feel good about my choice of breast implants. 

I decided on Dr. K because of her education background and comfort level. I decided on having a breast augmentation because of lack of luster my breast after 2 children and feeling unattractive in clothes and nude.

I did not want to be big, just natural in form. Dr. K achieve what I was looking for which was the size appropriate to my shape figure and age. 37 age.. 127 lbs went from 34B to a 34 D which was my size during pregnancy and while lactating. Sounds big but it filled the loose skin and my friends did not even notice the change… This was great. Dr. K is the BEST.

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