November 2016

Breast Implant Exchange – Ruptured Implant

Cannot give a higher recommendation! Top! Top! Top! All round fantastic. Dr Knoll did an excellent job in replacing my ruptured breast implants. No scar can be seen anywhere and they look natural and beautiful. What a work of art! 

On top of that, she is very likeable and accessible. Will go again to do any other operation. After one of my 15-year old breast implantation suddenly leaked. I had to search for a plastic surgeon very fast. By pure luck, I came across her profile and I thought she has the best ratings, excellent experience, top-notch qualification. So it was easy to make up my mind to see her. Her office is very modern and made me feel at ease immediately. She was very friendly, accessible and also very kind as a doctor. On the day of the surgery, I made a mistake and did not go to see the anesthestist prior to my surgery and had to be rescheduled. In this moment of crisis, she was calm, friendly and extremely flexible. Two days later, I was back in the operation room and everything went extremely well. Surprisingly, there was no pain at all. A little dizzy on the first few days, but that was it. She called in to check on the date of the surgery and many days after that. What an amazing after service. One year on, my new breast implants look amazing (great form) and it also feels natural. I could not have asked for a better experience!

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