October 2010

Breast Augmentation and Lift Review

My sincerest thanks to Dr Knoll and her associates involved. I did much research for the surgeries I knew I would need: a breast lift and implants.  I found Dr. Knoll and after we met in her office, I knew she was the perfect doctor for me.

Dr. Knoll made a wonderful first impression- she is very personable, kind, willing to listen to my desires about the surgery, and encouraging through the healing process.  Her confidence helped me to feel at ease about the entire experience.

Dr. Knoll informed me of what the procedures would be like, and she gave me hope that I would achieve the results I am desiring (I’m still healing).  Every time I had a question or concern, Dr. Knoll would address each point and put my mind at ease.  She was very receptive to any concern I had and helped me.

Dr. Knoll has been a wonderful professional from the first day I met her to my most current appointment.  Her assistant has been very helpful to me as well, suggesting hotels where I could rest immediately after surgery, and setting up dates for my follow-up appointments.  My experience with the surgical and healing process has been just as Dr. Knoll described.

It took me years to decide to go forth with these surgeries.  I would not have done it if I did not meet Dr. Knoll.  I would (and will!) recommend her to every woman I know, that is interested in these surgeries.  I don’t believe that there is one single thing that could be improved with my experience with Dr. Knoll.  I am grateful to have found her and I have every confidence that my final results will be just as I hoped for.

My sincerest thanks to Dr. Knoll and her associates involved with my surgeries.  I feel more like a woman, and more confident since my surgery.

  • Breast augmentation with lift