April 2018

Bodylift – I had a very positive experience

So far my experience has been very positive. She is easy to talk to and made sure that she answered all my questions. Her office in Frankfurt is not only beautiful, but also very efficient. I had my cost estimate within a few hours of my appointment. Any questions or requests I submitted via email were answered very quickly. In the days leading up to the operation date I received friendly reminderes via phone and email to make sure I remembered the important stuff regarding the big day.

The room in the hospital was very nice, and if it wasn’t for the hospital bed you would think you were in a nice hotel including a minibar ( only stocked with juice, soda and water of course). When the nurses came to pick me up for surgery I started to panic inside. lt was a little overwhelming since I was headed for a big procedure. Dr. Knoll was in very good spirits and confident and easy going nature calm me down almost instantly. By the time they rolled me into the surgery room I was calm, even happy and very much looking forward to the results of my body lift. Waking up I was surprised in how little pain I actually was. I had expected a lot more. I was hooked up to a pump with pain meds, which made me very comfortable. I had a good night in my room with very nice nurses taking good care of me and constantly checking in if I needed anything. I was able to leave the hospital about 24 houres after the procedure. I am now 4 days post op and 3 days at home and I feel better every day. I am looking forward to my next visite with Dr Knoll in 2 days to see how my healing is coming along. I can’t say to much about the results yet due to swelling and me not being able to stand straight, but my 6 year old remarked: ” Mommy, where is your tummy? Why did they take your tummy away it is so small now!”( she is not so happy because she loved mommys squishy tummy…but mommy is happy and can’t wait for the swelling to go down !)

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