February 2011

Armlift – Surgeon Extraordinaire

I was not only pleased and impressed with Dr. Knoll’s education and credentials, but I also found a plastic surgeon with and eye for beauty, a sense of style and herself elegant.

The perfect combination when it’s cosmetic surgery one is seeking.  During my first appointment Dr. Knoll answered all my questions, concerns, desires and expectations with candor, ease and confidence.  She is os easy to speak with and has a great sense of humor.  Not once since that first appointment, or of this writing, have I fever felt rushed or “encouraged” to have more work done.  I so appreciate that.  Dr. Knoll gave me back my shapely arms, ballerina legs and repaired a tummy tuck I thought impossible to fix.  All, I might addd, achieved with small, well placed incisions resulting  in hidden scars.  Must also add that Dr. Knoll’s staff is excellent, responsive, professional and kind. All way around this has been a fabulous experience- better than wished for!

  • Short scar armlift / Brachioplasty