April 2018

Abdominoplasty with Liposuction

I knew going into the surgery that it would not be major, I more or less needed a scar revision from my C-section. And extra skin trimmed from the edges. I felt extremely uncomfortable with wrinkled skin that looked like it belonged on an 80 yr olds body. I will never and can not ever regret making the decision to do it and to do it with Dr.Knoll. If you are overseas and military (in Germany) do your research and choose her, she is clearly the best option you have.

American trained and a beautiful soul inside and out!  I believe this Woman is an ANGEL ! A SAINT! And most importantly the most intelligent and soft spoken caring Doctor I have had the privelage to meet ( I am a surgical Technologist and have had my fair share of time with surgeons). I am a military spouse and found myself in Germany on duty planning a vacation to the Maldives as our last big pow wow before we move back stateside, and I wanted to make it a memorable trip and also wanted my pictures to look just as fabulous as the scenery ( I needed my tummy tuck ASAP) ! I had been going to Dr.Knoll already for Botox so I already had it in my mind that I did not need to find anyone else because she was it for me from day one I wish I could have brought her back to America with me! After all , that is where she studied! She is a Yale Medical School Grad. Since my first consultation for Botox she was the warmest soul and I knew she was going to do a fabulous job on my tummy tuck. If you are an American and have legitimate concerns about having cosmetic surgery overseas DO NOT look any further than Dr.Knoll, she does everything by the books as if she were state side. Most doctors in Germany do not, and will never provide you with post surgical pain relief. They offer ibuprofen. Dr.Knoll will send you home on the day of your Pre op with the necessary medications depending on your procedure. I received antibiotics, muscle relaxers and pain medication. Although I didn’t need any after the second day she made sure I was taken care of and even called me the day of my surgery, when I was home recovering to make sure that I was fine and to comfort me. Although the entire process was relatively easy and I was up cleaning and back to work in 3 days even with a JP drain hanging on my hip in a fancy fanny pack haha! As Americans in a foreign country it can be tricky to find someone you trust to treat you especially if it is for something elective. Do your homework. She also takes VAT forms, so it saved me hundreds of Euros . The private hospital she does her procedures at is also top notch and the staff was incredible! The entire experience was just as amazing as the results I was physically given by her.

  • Abdominoplasty with liposuction