Masks, Eyes, and How to Read Others

The eyelid region conveys perceived emotions. Best eyelid surgery considers these, and each patients indivdual facial proportions. Blepahroplasty performed by Dr Knoll Frankfurt Germany

Covid-19 has made us all to wear masks for several months.  And it seems that they will accompany us for some time. Our natural way of communication by reading the face, its mimics and emotions of others, is limited since the masks cover half of the face. Perceived emotions are universal  – – worldwide. Think about it, emotions are depicted in emoticons by the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth and everybody understands them. 

By having half of your face covered by a mask, the eye region becomes more of a focal point than it ever has been.  Botox to the forehead and 11-lines, the shape and position of the eyebrow, excess skin of the eyelid, ptosis, age-related loss of fat below the eyebrow, all of these contribute to how we are perceived by others.

Zoom meetings have made people certainly think more about their aging process, and how to fix it.  Wearing our masks puts the spotlight on the eye region and even more than before on perceived emotions.

Addressing the most common concerns of patients of not wanting to appear tired, sad  or exhausted, needs a more sophisticated approach. Have a look at the publication of Dr. Knoll and see how you would perceive these case examples. This scientific paper was originally published in 2008, and has become the landmark paper describing the influence of various treatments on perceived emotions that has been consistently referenced by others in the aesthetic field even still today. With Oprah, the New York Times, and others have popularized the results, the gained knowledge of this study becomes more and more mainstream.

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Stay positive and stay healthy during these times! 

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