What is Breast Implant Illness?

Breast implant illness symptoms can be very general. Some patients benefit from breast implant removal. En-bloc removal of the breast implants are performed. Board certified Plastic Surgeon Dr Bianca Knoll. Frankfurt Germany

Recently there has been an increase on social media and other forums about Breast Implant Illness. As such, our office has had an increase in questions.  We wanted to take this opportunity to address the basics.

What is Breast Implant Illness (BII)?

Breast Implant Illness, or BII, is a term used by women who have breast implants and self-identify and describe a variety of symptoms. Including, but not limited to: fatigue, chest pain, hair loss, headaches, chills, photosensitivity, chronic pain, rash, body oder, anxiety, brain fog, sleep disturbance, depression, neurologic issues and hormonal issues.  These are felt to be connected to saline or silicone- smooth or textured- breast implants.  BII is not an official medical diagnosis.   This does not mean though that the symptoms are not related.  To-date there has been very little in the way of research into this connection of woman with breast implants and the symptoms.  For some woman, the symptoms fall into times when women undergo hormone changes- end 30’s.  This for some women can affect the reporting of symptoms, or result in similar symptoms. 

But because patients are reporting more, we are listening

While many of the symptoms described by Breast Implant Illness patients are non-specific and associated  also with other conditions, these symptoms can be experienced by the general public without implants.  It does not mean there is not a potential connection. 

We take the concerns of our patients seriously.

Experiencing Symptoms of Breast Implant Illness ?

During a consultation, if a patient discusses concerns of symptoms she is experiencing, that are believed to be attributed to her current breast implants, we will listen and discuss the available options.  Planning for what to do next is discussed and designed for each individual patient.  Every patient considering implant removal, implant exchange, implant revision due to symptoms of BII, has a surgical planned based on her concerns, needs, anatomy and safety.  

If you are experiencing symptoms of Breast Implant Illness with your breast implants, or find yourself ready to make the decision to discuss removal, please contact our office today to set up your consultation.  We are happy to help!

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