August 2014

Dr. Knoll was my plastic surgeon for my tummy tuck.

Dr Knoll was my plastic surgeon for my tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo. I did an extensive research before I chose her to be my doctor. I was important to me that she is American Board Certified surgeon and for me personally it helped that she is a woman so I can talk more freely about what are my concerns and what I am hoping to achieve as far as my tummy is concerned. From the initial consultation and all the way to the last appointment she was nothing but wonderful.  had reservations about the procedure but she was able to reassure me in a nicest, kindest, most informative and “no-pressure” way that I will greatly benefit from it and that she will take a great care of me. And that she did. She explained everything to me so I know what to expect pre, during and post op. She made sure I was comfortable at the hospital, she was constantly communicating with the hospital staff so that I am well taken care of, she gave me her personal cell # if I had ANY questions, ANY time of the day and night.
As far as the results, I am 100 percent completely satisfied. Dr Knoll made sure to help me visualize how my end result will look but I like the actual result a lot better, lol. I had very minimal bruising, my scar was very decent looking right away and now, 5 months post op it’s healing wonderfully. I had a great recovery, thanks to very good and detailed post op instructions from Dr Knoll. She even gave me information on things I didn’t even think to ask at the time but thought of them later. Dr Knoll takes the time with her patients, she listens and answers every concern/ question they might have. Every time I went to see her in her office for an appointment, she not even once made me feel rushed, which I LOVED.
I LOVE my new flat belly. Ever since I remember, even at my skinniest I have never had a flat tummy like I do now. Getting dressed and finding cute stuff to wear is such a joy now. Before, I had to make sure I wear (or buy) clothes that would hide or work well my belly, but not anymore! I wore a two piece bathing suit and not even once I felt self-conscious! I can tuck in my shirts in my pants/skirts now and it looks great!
Of course I have to mention her office staff as well. Ms Agic was very pleasant to work with and she was very helpful with the paperwork. She is a very pleasant young lady and she always stays on top of things when it comes to follow ups, appointment scheduling, finding the best place for some post-op things I needed, etc…

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