July 2010

Breast Reduction Scars

I am very happy with the results! Dr. Knoll is a doctor, who has been educated and trained in the US and uses methods of performing procedures that are the most current and endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  She is also fluent in English (of course German, too).

This was important to me.  I had a breast reduction and the method still utilized by many plastic surgeons in Germany is a method that cuts across the entire bottom of the breast leaving more scarring.  Dr. Knoll explained both methods, and that she only uses the one that cuts from the nipple to the base of the breast.  This leaves minimal scarring area.  Of course, everyone scars differently so some scars may be more visible than others, but at least its a line down under the breast instead of all across the bottom and into your cleavage area.  If you were self-conscious before, imagine having such a scar!  She is a jovial person and I was smiling and laughing before the procedure, and she put me at ease.   I felt I was in such good hands I was never worried.  She also brings some equipment of her own to the hospital to ensure you have the best care (ex. special socks you wear to prevent clots).  I did loose sensation in my left nipple, which is a possible side effect.  Even if I knew I would have lost feeling, I would have still gone through with the surgery.  I am very happy with the results and I feel that I was so fortunate to have come across Dr. Knoll.

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