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May 2016


The first consultation was so interesting! Dr Knoll explained everything in detail and took a lot of time to make me understand what is appropriate for me and what is not. I very much liked the answer “I will not do it” (in my case the nasolabial folds) – for me it is a quality of a true professional, who will give the priority to the result, not to the sales. 

I also liked the explanations about the options I would have in case something went wrong.
After the treatment (Botox into the forehead + Juvederm into the cheeks) – no complications, everything was looking good right after. No bruises, the cheeks were slightly swollen only for a couple of days. It went almost too well. ?

One more detail: Before the treatment Dr Knoll recommended me a vitamin A cream, that I am using now for 3 weeks, and to get myself an electric face brush, which I did right away.
The result is so natural – I just look fresh, like after a 10 hours sleep. My skin is even, glowing, and the nasty dark lines under my eyes are gone thanks to Juvederm injectons. The deep wrinkle between my eyebrows disappeared, without giving me a stupid look – no one could say I used Botox.
I will CERTAINLY come back.
And the super-bonus: she is extremely funny! :), but also beautiful-smart-classy etc.
Special thanks to the very friendly colleague at the reception: she immediately made me feel very comfortable.
I definitely recommend Dr Knoll’s clinic.

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