Empower You, Empower Him- Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover, Frankfurt Germany performed by Dr Knoll , experienced board certified plastic surgeon

Raising children, being there for the family, working, being a spouse – it’s a lot.  Sometimes I really wonder how my patients manage it all.  Despite being the core, the heart, and the best manager of the family some of them find the time, energy and discipline to lead an active healthy lifestyle … unbelievable!  But sometimes, and  for understandable reasons even the most energetic and vibrant moms are running on fumes.  Pregnancies and being a mother are taking their toll on a women’s body, and sometimes also on their relationship.  Those days were you felt attractive, and desirable, where you could see the “twinkle” in his eyes when he saw you for a date night, or being proud that you are the woman on his side entering a room or introducing you – wouldn’t it be nice to have this feeling back?  Feeling more confident and more like YOU again?

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