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jjg123123, September 2018

Tummy Tuck

I have recently had a tummy tuck after having three children including twins.
I whole heartedly recommend Dr Knoll. She is extremely professional and has a brilliant sense of humour. She covered everything I needed to know in our consultation and herself and caring secretary Valerie were always there when I had any questions.
Im overwhelmed with my results and it’s only been a week since my surgery!!
After doing a lot of research I can truely say Dr. Knoll is the best in her field. An extremely kind friendly approach I can’t thank her enough! She really is one of a kind.

ccatalina, April 2018

I knew going into surgery that it would not be..

I knew going into the surgery that it would not be major , I more or less needed a scar revision from my c-section. And extra skin trimmed from the edges. I felt extremely uncomfortable with wrinkled skin that looked like it belonged on an 80 yr olds body. I will
Never and can not ever regret making the decision to do it and to do it with Dr.Knoll if you are overseas and military( in Germany )do your research and choose her , she is clearly the best option you have.

American trained and a beautiful soul inside and out!  I believe this Woman is an ANGEl ! A SAINT! And most importantly the most intelligent and soft spoken caring Doctor I have had the privelage to meet ( I am a surgical Technologist and have had my fair share of time with surgeons) I am a military spouse and found myself in Germany on duty planning a vacation to the Maldives as our last big pow wow before we move back stateside and I wanted to make it a memorable trip and also wanted my pictures to look just as fabulous as the scenery ( I needed my tummy tuck ASAP) ! I had been going to Dr.Knoll already for Botox so I already had it in my mind that I did not need to find anyone else because she was it for me from day one I wish I could have brought her back to America with me ! After all , that is where she studied ! She is a Yale Medical School Grad . Since my first consultation for Botox she was the warmest soul andI knew she was going to do a fabulous job on my tummy tuck . If you are an American and have legitimate concerns about having cosmetic surgery overseas DO NOT look any further than Dr.Knoll, she does everything by the books as if she were state side. Most doctors in Germany do not ,and will never provide you with post surgical pain relief , they offer ibuprofen , Dr.Knoll will send you home on the day of your Pre op with the necessary medications depending on your procedure , Inreceived antibiotics, muscle relaxers and pain medication . Although I didn’t need any after the second day she made sure Inwas taken care of and even called me the day of my surgery when I was home recovering to make sure that I was fine and to comfort me , although the entire process was relatively easy and I was up cleaning and back to work in 3 days even with a JP drain hanging on my hip in a fancy fanny pack haha! As Americans in a foreign country it can be tricky to find someone you trust to treat you especially if it is for something elective , do your homework , she also takes VAT forms so it saved me hundreds of Euros . The private hospital she does her procedures at is also top notch and the staff was incredible ! The entire experience was just as amazing as the results I was physically given by her

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frankfurtsurgery, March 2018

Not looking back after my tummy tuck!

After three pregnancies my abdomen looked nothing like what it used to be before children. I really did not feel happy about the way my body looked, no matter how much sport I did.

I did considerable research about plastic surgeons both in the UK, US and Germany.

It took me two years to decide to have the procedure with Dr. Knoll in Frankfurt. Her proposition about the type of procedure I needed it made sense to me and I just along well with her!

Eight months have passed since the surgery and now I have forgotten that I had the procedure done. I am very pleased about “recovering” the shape my abdomen had before children.

Beware: whoever decides to do a tummy tuck should keep in mind that this is a serious operation and that the recovery can take months. The procedure also leaves quite a noticeable scar which is more prominent than C-section scars.

I would say it took three months just for me to feel relatively normal, so any prospective patient should make provision to have enough time to recover.

Having said that, Dr. Knoll was the perfect choice of surgeon and I am very very happy to have done this procedure. I have absolutely no regrets.

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Xavier13, January 2017

I’m so excited!

I had my first consultation in October of 2016. I had my son two years ago and after having my son I couldn’t lose the tummy no matter how much I worked out.

 Me having a tummy bothered me since I never had a tummy before. After having my second consultation in January, Dr. Knoll ensure me I should get great results. I’m so excited, I have my tummy tuck, liposuction and muscle repair in February. I will keep you updated. Oh and by the way Dr. Knoll is a true professional.

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charmd1nce, August 2018

Highly Recommend Dr. Bianca Knoll!

11 years ago I had gotten 375-cc smooth silicone breast implants via periareolar incision and subpectoral pocket, and decided that it was time for them to come out. I am an American living in Germany and had gotten my implants done in the US, so it was important to me to find

a doctor who had strong history of experience and could explain the procedure and completely answer any questions I had in English.

I found Dr. Knoll through online research and made an appointment. The initial consult was scheduled for about an hour. Dr. Knoll did a physical exam and then walked me through my options, which included her suggestion that I did not need a lift (I am young, with enough natural breast tissue so the likelihood they would “snap back” somewhat was pretty high) nor did I need to have the capsules removed. She would of course examine them during the surgery and remove if needed, but to pre-determine that they should be removed did not make sense, and I agreed. I do not see the point in anymore surgery than absolutely necessary. Dr. Knoll also went over the risks and possible outcomes of the surgery, showed me photos of pre/post-op, and made me feel completely at ease.

Her office manager Valerie rocks. There is no other way to say this. She is well organized, went over all the billing information, scheduled my surgery, made sure I knew where to go and what to do, and quickly answered any additional questions that popped into my head after my initial consult (there are always questions you think of after!). Between my meeting with Dr. Knoll and Valerie’s extensive organization and follow-up I made the decision to have my surgery with Dr. Knoll.

The hospital where I had my surgery was nice. The check-in process was a little sterile (no welcome, or can I help you? I got a little lost when I first arrived…) compared to my experiences in the US, but the nurses in pre/post-op as well as the surgery staff were amazing! They made sure I was completely comfortable and answered any questions I had thoroughly. Dr. Knoll met me before the surgery and later took the time herself to talk with me as the aesthetician knocked me out. The surgery went well with no problems and very little pain afterwards (mostly discomfort from having to sleep on my back) and in the days following.

The post-op meetings at Dr. Knoll’s office went well. I was very happy with the results, and was especially surprised that I had extreme sensation in both nipples after the removal of my implants. I had lived with the decreased sensation for 11 years, and boy could I feel them now! Luckily, it has calmed down some 8 weeks post-op. I am glad I went with Dr. Knoll’s recommendation to not have a breast lift as my breasts 8 weeks out have already begun to “fluff” and look less like pancakes. My right nipple did concave at the incision site in the beginning, but with massage, vitamin E oil, and time it too is looking much better.

I cannot recommend Dr. Bianca Knoll enough. She is an incredible surgeon, and I am completely happy with my time spent in her care!

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angelaluzia, August 2017

I had an amazing experience

I had a wonderful experience. My surgery was to remove my implants and I could not have asked for a better doctor.

 I would recommend Dr.Knoll 100% she is very caring, she listens to your needs and overall the nurses and hospital was amazing also.

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LC, June 2018

Such an amazing experience

I am an American who is temporarily living in Germany. I’ve wanted this surgery for quite some time. Language barrier, there was none. Jokes? We made ton of those. Dr. Knoll was by far the most informative, caring and realistic surgeon.

I asked about a million questions and I never felt like a burden. She made me feel so comfortable even in the OR where I was clearly nervous. Not only was her clinic staff as well as herself beyond generous and helpful, I had a reaction to the anesthesia and had to stay overnight at the hospital / clinic where the surgery was done. I was worried about the language barrier since I don’t speak German very well and nervous to stay overnight in a place I wasn’t familiar with. This was by far the best care I have ever experienced and we got through the language barrier very well. Honestly I would recommend her over and over and over again. Other than that, I got the look I wanted. I’ve gained so much confidence, she gave me realistic expectations after chatting about what my goal look would be and Dr.Knoll well she knows what she’s doing and I look so amazing. By far one of the best experiences I have ever had, in general. Highly, highly recommend.

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msfree88, September 2017

I had an amazing experience

I had breast augmentation surgery in August 2017. My experience was excellent with Dr.Knoll. She recommended the best size for my body, she did her best to understand the shape I want.

The recovery period was smooth too, the Dr makes sure you go out of the hospital when you are safe. I had my consultation online then i knew i wanted the surgery too with Dr.Knoll. All the best to you, the ladies in the office, nurses and staff

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angelaluzia, August 2017

I had an amazing experience

I had a wonderful experience. My surgery was to remove my implants and I could not have asked for a better doctor.

 I would recommend Dr.Knoll 100% she is very caring, she listens to your needs and overall the nurses and hospital was amazing also.

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bupo, September 2015

I always wanted to get a breast enlargement….

I always wanted to get a breast enlargement – not massive but enough for me to feel comfortable with.

 I went for a consultation in the UK and the Dr was horrible, I felt rushed and like he didn’t care. Seeing Dr Knoll was a completely different experience- her English is fantastic, she makes you feel as ease straight away and is a genuinely caring lovely person.

Dr Knoll was the absolute best. I honestly could not recommend her more. Her bedside manner, her care and friendly manner was amazing. I would not hesitate one second to recommend her to anybody.

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siro2018, April 2018

I had a very positive experience

So far my experience has been very positive. She is easy to talk to and made sure that she answered all my questions. Her office in Frankfurt is not only beautiful but also very efficient. I had my cost estimate within a few houres of my appointment. Any questions or requests I submitted via email were answered very quickly. In the days leading up to the operation date I received friendly reminderes via phone and email to make sure I remebered the important stuff regarding the big day.

The room in the hospital was very nice and if it wasn’t for the hospital bed you would think you were in a nice hotel including a minibar ( only stocked with juice, soda and water of course). When the nurses came to pick me up for surgery I started to panic inside..lt was a little overwhelming sice I was headed for a big procedure. Dr. Knoll was in very good spirits and confident and easy going nature calm me down allmost instantly. By the time they rolled me into the acusl surgery room I was calm even hsppy and very much looking forward to zhe results of my body lift. Waking up I was surprozed in how little pain I acuslly was. I had expected a log more. I was hooked up to a pump with pain meds which made me very comfortable. I had a good night in my room with very nice nurses taking good care of me and conszantly checking in if I needed anything. I was able to leave the hospital about 24 houres after the procedure. I am now 4 days post op and 3 days at home and I feel better every day. I am looking forward to my next visite with Dr Knoll in 2 days to see how my healing is coming along. I can’t say to much about the results yet due to swelling and me not bering able to stand straight but my 6 year okd remarked, ” Mommy, where is your tummy? Why did they take your tumme a way it is so small now!”( she is not so happy because she loved mommys squishy tummy…but mommy is happy and can’t wait for the swelling to go down !)

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ritterrd7, November 2016

Talented, professional and very friendly

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, she is the one! I was really nervous about getting a rhinoplasty done at first but i am so glad i chose dr. Knoll. She sat down and explained exactly every step of the procedure as well as the risks and benefits of the procedure.

  She showed me computer generated images to show give me an idea how i would look after getting my nose done. After the procedure i noticed how much better i was able to breath. My nose is still healing but looks better than i thought it would. She really cares about her patients and insists on following up with her after the procedure to make sure everything heals properly! I was very impressed with her talent as well as her friendly demeanor. I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants to get their nose done.

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nwheeler0603, August 2016

The outcome is better than I could have imagined….

The outcome is better than I could have imagined. 6wks post rhinoplasty my nose looks very refined and natural. My nose now compliments my face instead of overshadowing it. I met with a few other surgeons before rhinoplasty, but Dr. Bianca Knoll presented the most thorough information on how exactly the procedure was going to be performed and the desired outcome.

  We reviewed similated computer graphics together of possible outcomes for me post-rhinoplasty. She spent a lot of time providing information on how to prepare for the procedure and what to expect while I was recovering that made my post-op experience very quick and manageable.

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Bambola, September 2015

It’s always very difficult to be stationed….

It’s always very difficult to be stationed overseas and to try to find a surgeon who meets American standards. …And what I mean by American standards is not so much the result but the experience. Dr. Bianca Knoll understands this. Trained at Yale and practiced all over the world, this woman is not only beautiful and intelligent but an absolute artist.

 From the consultation to the follow ups, the experience has been a delight. We all know what it feels like to go through pain but to be reassured by the result, the competence and the care really makes that pain worth it. I came to her with an incredibly superficial irritant. I didn’t like my bumpy, chubby nose; simple as that. I told her that I wanted a nose that was more feminine, something that resembled a doll. She understood exactly what I wanted and not only took my vision but added her own creativity to the extent of a French movie star. And my result? I look like a French movie star. The private clinic that the surgery was performed in is unrivaled. I woke up out of anesthesia with zero pain, zero nausea and smiling, sweet, caring nurses all around me. I stayed in a local hotel that night in Frankfurt and saw Dr. Knoll the next day. After having the post surgical bandages and nose tampons removed (painless), I was sent home to recover with an external splint and internal stents in place. When I had a concern about something (probably emphasized and brought on by the Percocet) she wrote me back at 9:30 PM just to reassure me. Did I tell you how beautiful my nose is?? My prescriptions for the antibiotic and pain reliever were filled at one of the local military treatment facilities and you can use a VAT form, which will save you an incredible amount… that form saved me over €1000! You don’t have to travel back to the states to have an amazing surgical experience and transformation because it’s only an hour away.

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hotwoman, November 2017

I had been researching the internet…

Dr Bianca Knoll has a great bedside mannor, she sat with me in the OR as they were preping me for surgery she had me laughing and I felt so comfortable being in her hands. She is easy to talk to and listens to you. She is very caring as she called to check on me after we had returned back to our hotel room after surgery.

I had been researching the internet for lighter breast implants and found out they have a new implant called B-Lite that is 30% lighter than the traditional silicone breast implants and I knew right away that is what I wanted.I had my breast implants replaced two years ago with 750 cc UHP because my old implants 600 cc that I had for 17 years had a rupture in one so of course because of boob greed I wanted 800 cc UHP and my surgeon recogmended 650 cc because of my age and the weight of 750cc implants but I wouldn’t listen to him so he put in the 750cc and they were much too heavy and started dropping right away. He had told me after a post operative appointment that for me to have the upper pole fullness I would need a lift to remove some of the stretched skin.
I didn’t want to go that route so started searching for lighter implants that were a little larger than what I had and that is when I came across the B-Lite implants which are made in Germany. I found my surgeon Dr Bianca Knoll who is in Frankfurt, Germany and arranged a consult with her. My husband and I were on vacation in Amsterdam this summer so we took the short flight from Amsterdam to meet with her and talk over what I wished to acheive in my breast implant revision. I asked her about the B-Lite implants she had never used them but was able to get a sample for me to see and touch and she said she would order which ever size I decided on.

After we got home I got busy and made all the arrangements for our flights and 13 night stay at a close by hotel. I was undecided on my size I wanted to go with 920 cc but ended up going with 835 cc because of my age and all my expensive Victoria Secret bras I had invested in as I wanted to be able to fit in them.

I had all my blood tests and xrays done here in the US and they all turned out good so
we had the ok for my surgery.
The surgery went well my surgeon was able to close up my loose pocket and position my implants higher so I would have the upper pole fullness I didn’t have with the other implants.
I had very little pain or discomfort and we walked to the clinic the next morning for my post op checkup. We made this a vacation and walked all over Frankfurt during
our stay. I had one more follow up visit at 6 days where my streri strips were removed and any stitches trimmed that were sticking out to far.
I was careful not to do any lifting as we traveled back to the airport to come home.
It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my surgery and doing great.

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25again, November 2016

Cannot give a higher recommendation

Top Top Top. All round fantastic. Dr Knoll did an excellent job in replacing my ruptured breast implants. No scar can be seen anywhere and they look natural and beautiful. What a work of art!

 On top of that, she is very likeable and accessible. Will go again to do any other op. After one of my 15year old breast implantation suddenly leaked, I had to search for a plastic surgeon very fast. By pure luck, I came across her profile and I thought she has the best ratings, excellent experience, top-notch qualification. So it was easy to make up my mind to see her. Her office is very modern and made me feel at ease immediately. She was very friendly, accessible and also very kind as a doctor. On the day of the surgery, I made a mistake and did not go to see the anastheticist prior to my surgery and had to be rescheduled. In this moment of crisis, she was calm, friendly and extremely flexible. Two days later, I was back in the operation room and everything went extremely well. Surprisingly, there was no pain at all. A little dizzy on the first few days but that was it. She called in to check on the date of the surgery and many days after that. What an amazing after service. One year on, my new implantation looks amazing (great form) and it also feels natural. I could not have asked for a better experience!

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erinslens82, June 2016

I have tried my hardest with diet and exercise to…..

I have tried my hardest with diet and exercise to over come my mid-section, but have not been successful. I can’t beat my genetics or my hypothyroidism.

 I am 5’5, 155 lbs. I crossfit 3 times a week, do boxing 2 times a week, and yoga 1 a week so I’m pretty active! Procedures: Tummy Tuck/Ab repair Lipo- upper abdominal tummy, waist contouring, lower tummy tire area, and upper back around bra line Breast lift/Implants- Went from A (after the lift was done) to a 400cc (don’t know my bra size yet)

She’s very nice and easy to work with! She listens to your concerns and is very responsive to emails and questions.

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svetlanaf, May 2016


The first consultation was so interesting! Dr Knoll explained everything in detail and took a lot of time to make me understand what is appropriate for me and what is not. I very much liked the answer “I will not do it” (in my case the nasolabial folds) – for me it is a quality of a true professional, who will give the priority to the result, not to the sales.

 I also liked the explanations about the options I would have in case something went wrong.
After the treatment (Botox into the forehead + Juvederm into the cheeks) – no complications, everything was looking good right after. No bruises, the cheeks were slightly swollen only for a couple of days. It went almost too well. 🙂
One more detail: Before the treatment Dr Knoll recommended me a vitamin A cream, that I am using now for 3 weeks, and to get myself an electric face brush, which I did right away.
The result is so natural – I just look fresh, like after a 10 hours sleep. My skin is even, glowing, and the nasty dark lines under my eyes are gone thanks to Juvederm injectons. The deep wrinkle between my eyebrows disappeared, without giving me a stupid look – no one could say I used Botox.
I will CERTAINLY come back.
And the super-bonus: she is extremely funny! :), but also beautiful-smart-classy etc.
Special thanks to the very friendly colleague at the reception: she immediately made me feel very comfortable.
I definitely recommend Dr Knoll’s clinic.

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