Regenerative Treatments – Restore, Repair, Regenerate

Regenerative treatments are the best, and newest innovations to maintain, to correct and to enhance a patients appearance. Molecular biology meets aesthetic plastic surgery. Best results, for a better you. Dr Bianca Knoll Frankfurt Germany

Regenerative facial treatments are designed individually for self renewability with fat grafting.   The purpose of regenerative rejuvenation is not to change or alter the shape of the face and its features, but to regenerate, repair and restore what has been lost due to aging, hormonal and environmental changes throughout the years.     Sun […]

Look Your Best at Every Age – Rethink Anti-aging Intelligently

Regenerative rejuvenation Dr Bianca Knoll Frankfurt, Wiesbaden Germany, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Anti-Aging – Look Your Best at Every Age Bathroom counters have become a collection of creams, serums, lotions and potions, all bought in the hopes of the “Magic Eraser.“  No matter the age, we all want to look good. Fresher something to enhance and restore our own natural beauty. Although fillers have been introduced and used […]