January 2020

Uneingeschränkt zu empfehlen-

Vor ca. 5 Monaten habe ich bei Dr. Knoll eine Nasenkorrektur durchführen lassen, und bin mit dem Ergebnis derselben sehr, sehr glücklich. Vorab hatte ich lange Zeit immer mal wieder mit dem Gedanken gespielt, eine derartige OP bei mir machen zu lassen, war dann aber doch immer wieder zu besorgt, falls etwas schief gehen sollte.

Dr. Knoll konnte diese Sorgen für mich in eine realistische Perspektive rücken und hat sich umfassend Zeit genommen, alle meine Fragen im Detail zu beantworten, sodass ich am Ende guten Gewissens den Schritt zur Nasenkorrektur gegangen bin. Die vorbereitenden Termine, der eigentliche Tag der OP und die anschließende Heilungsphase liefen für mich insgesamt problemlos ab, und ich habe mich stets unterstützt und gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Ich bin sehr froh, mich dazu entschieden zu haben, die Nasenkorrektur bei Dr. Knoll machen zu lassen — das Ergebnis ist natürlich, passt perfekt zum Rest meines Gesichts und hat für eine schöne Balance meines Erscheinungsbilds gesorgt, sodass ich mich nun endlich zu 100% wohl mit mir und meinem Äußeren fühle. Ich kann Dr. Knoll uneingeschränkt empfehlen.

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December 2019

Sehr kompetente Ärztin, tolle Praxis tolles Ergebnis!

Nach langem überlegen habe ich mich in diesem Jahr endlich dazu entschieden, meine Nase operieren zu lassen. Ich habe vorher mit drei verschiedenen Ärzten gesprochen, aber nach dem Gespräch mit Frau Dr. Knoll hatte ich persönlich wie fachlich einfach das beste Gefühl.

Eine Entscheidung, die ich in keinen Moment bereut habe. Frau Knoll hat mich sehr gut beraten, umfassend aufgeklärt und mit viel Verständnis auf dem Weg zur Entscheidung begleitet. Auch Ihr Praxisteam hat sich ganz rührend um mich und auch meine Begleitung bei der OP gekümmert…und am allerwichtigsten. Das Ergebnis ist fantastisch. Eine Nase, die sehr schön und natürlich aussieht und perfekt in mein Gesicht passt. Auch die Skeptiker in meinem persönlichen Umfeld, waren hinterher überzeugt. Ich kann Frau Dr. Knoll für eine Nasenoperation wärmsten empfehlen und würde mich jedes Mal wieder so entscheiden. Danke!

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September 2018

Vielen Dank…

Vielen Dank für die Operation. Ich fühle mich nun unglaublich wohl, sodass ich die ganzen Schmerzen gerne auf mich genommen habe. Sie haben mir einen sehr sehr großen Wunsch erfüllt.

 Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin viel Erfolg, Glück & Gesundheit!

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ritterrd7, November 2016

Talented, professional and very friendly

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon, she is the one! I was really nervous about getting a rhinoplasty done at first but i am so glad i chose dr. Knoll. She sat down and explained exactly every step of the procedure as well as the risks and benefits of the procedure.

  She showed me computer generated images to show give me an idea how i would look after getting my nose done. After the procedure i noticed how much better i was able to breath. My nose is still healing but looks better than i thought it would. She really cares about her patients and insists on following up with her after the procedure to make sure everything heals properly! I was very impressed with her talent as well as her friendly demeanor. I would totally recommend her to anyone who wants to get their nose done.

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nwheeler0603, August 2016

The outcome is better than I could have imagined….

The outcome is better than I could have imagined. 6wks post rhinoplasty my nose looks very refined and natural. My nose now compliments my face instead of overshadowing it. I met with a few other surgeons before rhinoplasty, but Dr. Bianca Knoll presented the most thorough information on how exactly the procedure was going to be performed and the desired outcome.

  We reviewed similated computer graphics together of possible outcomes for me post-rhinoplasty. She spent a lot of time providing information on how to prepare for the procedure and what to expect while I was recovering that made my post-op experience very quick and manageable.

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Bambola, September 2015

It’s always very difficult to be stationed….

It’s always very difficult to be stationed overseas and to try to find a surgeon who meets American standards. …And what I mean by American standards is not so much the result but the experience. Dr. Bianca Knoll understands this. Trained at Yale and practiced all over the world, this woman is not only beautiful and intelligent but an absolute artist.

 From the consultation to the follow ups, the experience has been a delight. We all know what it feels like to go through pain but to be reassured by the result, the competence and the care really makes that pain worth it. I came to her with an incredibly superficial irritant. I didn’t like my bumpy, chubby nose; simple as that. I told her that I wanted a nose that was more feminine, something that resembled a doll. She understood exactly what I wanted and not only took my vision but added her own creativity to the extent of a French movie star. And my result? I look like a French movie star. The private clinic that the surgery was performed in is unrivaled. I woke up out of anesthesia with zero pain, zero nausea and smiling, sweet, caring nurses all around me. I stayed in a local hotel that night in Frankfurt and saw Dr. Knoll the next day. After having the post surgical bandages and nose tampons removed (painless), I was sent home to recover with an external splint and internal stents in place. When I had a concern about something (probably emphasized and brought on by the Percocet) she wrote me back at 9:30 PM just to reassure me. Did I tell you how beautiful my nose is?? My prescriptions for the antibiotic and pain reliever were filled at one of the local military treatment facilities and you can use a VAT form, which will save you an incredible amount… that form saved me over €1000! You don’t have to travel back to the states to have an amazing surgical experience and transformation because it’s only an hour away.

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April 2015

Super Ärztin

Vielen Dank für die schöne Nase und die gute Betreuung. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann Fr. Dr. Knoll nur wärmstens empfehlen.”

July 2014

Ich bin jetzt schon super-glücklich!!

Meine Nasen-Op ist jetzt 3 1/5Monate und ich bin super-glücklich!!! 🙂

  Klar dauert das Endergebniss noch ein bisschen aber ich muss ganz ehrlich sagen,ich hab mir die beste Ärztin ausgesucht!! 🙂 Fr.Dr.Knoll erklärt alles sehr ausführlich ist super-nett und ich kann einfach nur sagen … alles Top!! 🙂

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January 2014

Nasenkorrektur- Super gelungen

Ich habe mir vor ca. 3 Monaten bei Frau Dr. Knoll meine Nase operieren lassen. Das Ergebnis ist genauso wie ich mir das vorgestellt hatte.

  Die Beratung war sehr aufschlussreich und Frau Dr. Knoll ist ebenfalls auf meine Wünsche eingegangen. Sie ist sehr freundlich und hat sich viel Zeit für alle meine Fragen genommen. Eine bessere Wahl hätte ich nicht treffen können. Auch die Sprechstundenhilfe ist sehr freundlich und kompetent. Die Praxis legt großen Wert auf das Wohlergehen ihrer Patienten. Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen.”

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June 2013


Ich hätte eine bessere Wahl nicht treffen können! Ich freue mich sehr dass Frau Dr. Knoll mich operiert hat. Von der ersten Sekunde an hatte ich das Gefühl ich bin in guten Händen

  Sie ist sehr freundlich, sehr sympathisch und sie strahlt etwas warmherziges aus. Sie hat sich viel Zeit für mich genommen und hat mir alles bestens erklärt. Am Tag der OP hat sie abends angerufen um zu fragen wie es mir geht. Das allein spricht doch für alles. Es gibt nichts was ich aussetzen könnte. Das Ergebnis meiner Nasen OP.. es ist perfekt! Es ist jetzt gerade mal vier Wochen her und obwohl das Abschwellen natürlich seine Zeit brauch bin ich jetzt schon sehr sehr zufrieden. Meine Nase sieht überhaupt nicht operiert aus und ich finde sie passt perfekt zu meinem Gesicht. Ich bin begeistert. Ich möchte noch erwähnen dass die Sprechstundenhilfe ebenfalls sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit ist. Man fühlt sich in dieser wunderschönen Praxis rundum wohl!

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SMGeiser, October 2020

Not One Regret- In Love with my Results

It has almost been 1 year since my breast augmentation, and I could not be happier with the work that Dr. Knoll did.

I underwent a bilateral breast augmentation (dual plane technique) with Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Cohesive 1 Gel Implants. Being in the military and from the United States, I was unsure if I should get this surgery in another country where I did not speak the language. However, Dr. Knoll and her staff speak perfect English, and I had no issues. My initial unease about getting a surgery done in another country easily faded away after talking with her at my consultation appointment. Not only is Dr. Knoll an amazing and skilled surgeon, her professionalism and personality really made the experience more enjoyable. I could not speak any more highly of her, her surgery staff, and of course Valerie. I do not have one regret, and am so happy and pleased with my results and the whole process. I would recommend Dr. Knoll to anyone, but especially military members. Her office was very familiar with the VAT process, walked me through the payment process, and answered all of my questions. Thanks for everything Dr. Knoll and Val!  
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I Z, September 2020


Habe von Frau Dr. Knoll eine Brustvergrösserung durchführen lassen.

 Schneller Termin zur Beratung- nach 2 Wochen OP-Termin.  Frau Dr. Knoll hat mich toll beraten und ich fühlte mich während der gesamten Zeit (Beratung, OP, Nachkontrollen) immer gut betreut.

Das Ergebnis ist toll und genau wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Se löst direkt nach der OP keinerlei blaue Flecke,   Wundsekret oder sonstiges.

Für weitere Eingriffe würde ich mich jederzeit wieder für Frau Dr. Knoll entscheiden.  

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ValMi, May 2019

Outstanding Professionalism, Impeccable Execution, Absolutely Trustworthy

Overall: Dr. Knoll has helped me achieve this personal goal in the most outstanding way possible. First class care, full dedication to patient´s wishes, concerns and questions make this tough decision much more comfortable. I was cared for at all times, prepared mentally for the change, and the surgery was flawless.

I went from an A to an approximate (self-estimated) C cup with an under muscular smooth implant 350cc, which was decided with Dr. Knoll via extensive, careful process with realistic expectation setting and a great atmosphere of professionalism yet a bit of humor and fun where appropriate to make me, a 27 year old, feel at ease. After surgery I had very little pain, no bruising, and in a few days I regained motion of my arms. I am thrilled with my decision and I would recommend Dr. Knoll to anybody who is interested in this surgery.
Here more details on the full experience.
First Approach:
I approached Dr. Knoll about a breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Knoll is highly experienced in her field and her CV speaks for itself: what I can add personally is that Dr. Knoll earned my trust from the first appointment. She explained thoroughly all my options, the procedures in details, pros and cons as well as risks I could face. She was more than happy to answer all my questions and concerns, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant they might have sounded to me. Dr. Knoll is extremely professional at all times and has great manners in interacting with her patients, making the interpersonal experience really comfortable and pleasant (in a significant decision like this, a smile and a little joke here and there helped me a lot in getting at ease). Dr. Knoll also allowed me all the time needed to make the decision, while still accommodating for a short-time execution once the decision was made due to a personal deadline. This was also thanks to the coordination and help of her assistant, Valerie, which is an exquisite person, highly experienced and will assist you from day 1 without hesitating .
Before the Surgery:
I decided to go through with the surgery: Dr. Knoll saw me for my pre-operative appointment and prepared me mentally very well for all possible outcomes and set realistic expectations in my mind. I think this type of mental training helped me a lot. She had me do my homework to spot breasts I liked from a visual standpoint (size, shape, general look) as well as doing some testing on how I would want to see myself changed in the end. These homework really helped and she listened carefully to all the feedback and comments I provided to her each step of the way. This is a hard decision, changing your body: not knowing what you might end up looking coming out the other side is scary and having someone coaching you properly will make it smooth to wake up to right after the surgery.
The Surgery:
The day of the surgery I showed up at the private clinic where Dr. Knoll operates: the staff is very friendly and help me get ready and the IV in. When Dr. Knoll arrived I was fully relaxed as I knew I was in good hands and I had her in my corner. She took great care of me and made sure all my needs were taken care of. I decided to not stay the night in the hospital so when I woke up after the surgery I checked out. I was feeling well, no side effect of the anesthesia (which also is an appointment that take place before surgery and does consist of a thorough prep with the clinic team) and the pain was very manageable. Later that night though Dr. Knoll still checked on me via phone to make sure I was okay and the pain regimen was working.
After the surgery:
I woke up and after regaining consciousness, I was really happy: the pain was really manageable and the result was much better than I was prepared to face in the mirror at day 1. I had no bruises at all. Just two pads to cover the scars. Although the breasts will take time to adjust to the “final state” I can say I was comfortable with how things looked and the pain was completely manageable.
I went to my after 24 h appointment and after 1 week appointment: things are looking good, I feel healthy and after a week I regained full range of motion of my arms, following the exercises I was taught.
On a personal level I am very happy I have done this change: I was confident with my body before but enhancing my breasts from an A cup to a good full C (estimated by myself, will see after a year the final size) has made me very happy with my overall look and the decision process that led me to it was in the safe hands of the best doctor one can ask for .
I couldn´t be happier to have done this surgery and to have Dr. Knoll perform it. 
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MSK, January 2019

Beste Wahl getroffen: optimale Ergebnisse bei toller Betreuung

Frau Dr. Knoll ist eine für mich ganz außergewöhnlich begabte Ärztin, die praktisch aus dem Stand mein Vertrauen gewonnen und dies in allen Belangen gerechtfertigt hat.

CK, January 2019

Very friendly and helpful staff.

Very friendly and helpful staff. Dr. Knoll made me feel very comfortable and did amazing work!  My self confidence has improved drastically!

LC, June 2018

Such an amazing experience

I am an American who is temporarily living in Germany. I’ve wanted this surgery for quite some time. Language barrier, there was none. Jokes? We made ton of those. Dr. Knoll was by far the most informative, caring and realistic surgeon.

I asked about a million questions and I never felt like a burden. She made me feel so comfortable even in the OR where I was clearly nervous. Not only was her clinic staff as well as herself beyond generous and helpful, I had a reaction to the anesthesia and had to stay overnight at the hospital / clinic where the surgery was done. I was worried about the language barrier since I don’t speak German very well and nervous to stay overnight in a place I wasn’t familiar with. This was by far the best care I have ever experienced and we got through the language barrier very well. Honestly I would recommend her over and over and over again. Other than that, I got the look I wanted. I’ve gained so much confidence, she gave me realistic expectations after chatting about what my goal look would be and Dr.Knoll well she knows what she’s doing and I look so amazing. By far one of the best experiences I have ever had, in general. Highly, highly recommend.

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CK, June 2018

Sehr empfehlenswert!

Ich habe eine Brustvergroesserung bei Dr. Knoll Anfang des Jahres machen lassen und bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis! Sie ist nicht nur sehr professionell und sympathisch – sie hat ein exzellentes know-how und hat eine elegante Präsens und Praxis!

 Meine Brueste sehen perfekt aus, auch die Narbe ist sehr klein und verheilt schnell! Ich hatte fast gar keine Schmerzen nach der Operation – Ich wuerde Sie jeden weiterempfehlen!
Einfach top!”

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October 2017

Tolle Ärztin!

Habe von Frau Dr. Knoll eine Brustvergrösserung durchführen lassen.
Schneller Termin zur Beratung – nach 2 Wochen OP-Termin.
Frau Dr. Knoll hat mich toll beraten und ich fühlte mich während der gesamten Zeit (Beratung, OP, Nachkontrollen) immer gut betreut.

 Das Ergebnis ist toll und genau wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe. Selbst direkt nach der OP keinerlei blaue Flecke, Wundsekret oder sonstiges.
Für weitere Eingriffe würde ich mich jederzeit wieder für Frau Dr. Knoll entscheiden.

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msfree88, September 2017

I had an amazing experience

I had breast augmentation surgery in August 2017. My experience was excellent with Dr.Knoll. She recommended the best size for my body, she did her best to understand the shape I want.

The recovery period was smooth too, the Dr makes sure you go out of the hospital when you are safe. I had my consultation online then i knew i wanted the surgery too with Dr.Knoll. All the best to you, the ladies in the office, nurses and staff

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May 2017

Mehr als Empfehlenswert

Ich habe mir vor ziemlich genau 2 jahren hier die brüste vergrößern lassen und mein leben hat sich verändert! Ich hatte dank frau dr. Knoll keine angst vor der op und auch post op keine schmerzen!

 Keine blauen flecken, gar nichts, die narben sind minimal (3cm pro seite, normal sind so 6-10). Am aller meisten weiß ich zu schätzen dass frau dr knoll mich von anfang bis ende betreut hat und alle gespräche selbst mit mir geführt hat. Zwischen dem beratungstermin und der op lagen nur 12 tage!”

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February 2017

Sehr begeistert von Dr. Knoll

Ich habe mir von Frau Knoll die Brüste vergrößern lassen. Das Ergebnis ist genauso geworden wie ich es Frau Knoll beschrieben und anhand von Fotos gezeigt habe.

  Ich habe mich rundum gut und kompetent behandelt gefühlt. Ich würde mich jederzeit wieder von Dr. Knoll operieren lassen. Ich bin absolut begeistert und glücklich mit dem Ergebnis!”

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January 2017

Ärztin mit Herz

Wirklich tolle Ärztin, habe mich sofort wohl und sicher gefühlt. Das Ergebnis ist auch super geworden.

  Endergebnis lässt sich tatsächlich erst nach halben bis einem Jahr sehen, daher geduld mitbringen. Man ist auf jeden fall in richtigen Händen. Sehr empfehlenswerte Ärztin!”

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bupo, September 2015

I always wanted to get a breast enlargement….

I always wanted to get a breast enlargement – not massive but enough for me to feel comfortable with.

 I went for a consultation in the UK and the Dr was horrible, I felt rushed and like he didn’t care. Seeing Dr Knoll was a completely different experience- her English is fantastic, she makes you feel as ease straight away and is a genuinely caring lovely person.

Dr Knoll was the absolute best. I honestly could not recommend her more. Her bedside manner, her care and friendly manner was amazing. I would not hesitate one second to recommend her to anybody.

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December 2014

Awesome und sehr kompetente Chirurgin

Ich habe eine Brustvergrösserung machen lassen und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Am Anfang war ich sehr nervös aber Dr. Knoll hat mir die nervösität genommen durch Ihre super Aufklärung und somit war das Vertrauen da.

 Ich fühlte mich, als ob ich Sie jahrelang kennen würde. Sie hat alle Fragen beantwortet, auch auf English. Am Tag der OP ist alles super gelaufen. Sie hat sich bei mir gemeldet nach der Entlassung, hat sich erkundigt wie es mir geht und teilte mir nochmals mit, wenn irgendwas wäre, ist Sie Tag und Nacht erreichbar. Ihre Assistentin ist auch sehr nett. Ich würde den Eingriff nochmal bei Dr. Knoll machen lassen und jedem dorthin weiter empfehlen. Danke für alles Frau Dr. Knoll !!!!

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October 2014


Ich habe eine Brustvergrösserung machen lassen und bin mehr als zufrieden!
Es hat einfach alles gepasst!

 Die Beratung war einfach nur klasse und die Termin vergabe für den Eingriff ging sehr schnell. Die Betreuung nach dem
Eingriff ist auch sensationell.
Im Dezember ist es ein Jahr her und ich freue mich auf die letzte Kontroll Untersuchung in der Praxis.
Ich würde jedem diese Top Adresse empfehlen.

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July 2014

Eine ausgezeichnete Chirurgin, sehr zu empfehlen

Frau Dr. Knoll als Chirurgin ausgewählt zu haben, war die beste Entscheidung, die ich für meine OP treffen konnte.

 Vom Beratungsgespräch bis zur OP war alles sehr unkompliziert und zügig.
Und jetzt?…..Ich habe die schönsten Brüste -for ever- juhuuuu!
Ein so ästhetisches Ergebnis, danke Frau Dr. Knoll!!!!!!”

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mrspearcelily, November 2012

I feel like a real woman now!

Dr. Knoll gave me 5 star treatment throughout my breast augmentation journey. She made me feel comfortable and answered every question I had.

 Also, being US trained was also a great selling point for me too.   My results are beautiful. I’m only 5 day post op, but I love what I see already. She gave me what I asked for and I recommend her to everyone.

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milla02, April 2012

So Glad I Found my Doctor.

As a US military member stationed in Germany, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find a surgeon with the qualifications and standards I was looking for. I know Europe tends to be different with their standards and I wanted my whole process to be as close to getting it done in the US as possible.

 When I found Dr. Knoll, a Yale graduate, US trained and follows US standards, I knew she was who I wanted for my surgery. Her office is beautiful and professional; just sitting in there made me feel comfortable. Dr. Knoll was, and always has been, incredibly friendly. In addition to thoroughly answering my LONG list of questions, she’s always taken the time to just chat with me and my husband. She’s easy to talk to, makes you laugh and feel at ease. She explained everything completely and I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do. The surgery itself went incredibly smoothly and the post op has been great. She has always answered my questions (I continue to have several of them) and even when I was being impatient about the healing, I always listened to her and trusted her because I knew she knew what she was doing. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Knoll to anyone but especially to Americans living in Germany who are looking for someone to make them feel comfortable with getting an elective procedure done overseas. I am incredibly happy with my results and that I found her to perform my procedure.

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S. L. , June 2011

No Other Plastic Surgeon Can Compare!

There are so many positives about my experience with Dr. K that it is hard to know where to begin! First of all I HIGHLY recommend Dr. K to anyone looking for a well educated, caring and professional lady. The fact that she is American educated in her field (and up to date on all the latest technology and procedures) was a huge plus for me.  

  I was VERY nervous going into my breast augmentation procedure but her and her staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. There was NEVER any pressure to do anything from Dr. K and she always had my best interest at heart. Where as in the past, with other plastic surgeons, it was more so about cost than comfort. Her office is AMAZING! I felt right at home and welcomed every single time I went there. Her receptionist goes above and beyond to make you happy. Dr. K is AWESOME!!! I am not a big fan of doctors but I must say I looked forward to every visit with her because she treated me like I was just as important to her as her next patient. I can honestly say that if I want any other work done Dr. K will be my first and ONLY choice!

After having three children and always being insecure about my smaller breast I decided it was time to take the leap and get the breast augmentation I have longed for for so many years and I am glad I did!

The entire procedure was explained thouroughly to my husband and I and every single question was answered in detail.  She even helped me choose what best suited my body shape and type and I am so VERY VERY pleased with the results!!!!

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June 2011


Hallo, ich hatte vor der OP noch ein Beratungsgespräch bei einem anderen Arzt. Im Gegensatz zu Frau Dr. Knoll hatte sich dieser Arzt keine Zeit für eine ausführliche Beratung genommen ud n konnte / wollte mir auch keine Vorher/Nachherbilder seiner Pastientinnen zeigen.  

 Die Beratung von Frau Dr. Knoll war sehr nett und ausführlich und Sie ging auf alle meine Fragen ein. Die ambulante OP in Ihrer Praxis verlief ohne Komplikationen. Auch das “restliche” Team war sehr nett und kompetent. Frau Dr. Knoll wäre, was nicht nötig war, Tag und Nacht erreichbar gewesen. Nach der Op war ich einige Tage aufgrund der Schmerzmittel / Muskelentspanner ziemlich down und habe fast 20 Stunden tägl. geschlafen. Während der andere Arzt einen 350 € Spezial BH eingesetzt hätte, bekam ich einen Gurt, den ich nur zwei Wochen tragen musste. Vom Ergebnis bin ich absolut begeistert und würde die OP jederzeit bei Frau Dr. Knoll wieder machen lassen. Mein Mann, der gegen die OP war, ist jetzt ebenfalls überrzeugt !

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Ana in Frankfurt, May 2011

I Love my New Breast

Great Results I achieved the results I was looking for in my breast augmentation. Dr. K understood my concerns and provided me with detail information. She was very patient and did not push anything on me. I was able to think and feel good about my choice of breast implants. 

I decided on Dr. K because of her education background and comfort level. I decided on having a breast augmentation because of lack of luster my breast after 2 children and feeling unattractive in clothes and nude.

I did not want to be big, just natural in form. Dr. K achieve what I was looking for which was the size appropriate to my shape figure and age. 37 age.. 127 lbs went from 34B to a 34 D which was my size during pregnancy and while lactating. Sounds big but it filled the loose skin and my friends did not even notice the change… This was great. Dr. K is the BEST.

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mom2006, May 2011

I love my Breast

During pregnancy mb breast grew from a 34 B to 34 DD.  This was a shock to me but I felt and looked great.  However, much to my dismay, after my pregnancy my breast returned back to its normal size 34 B.  My breast were saggy and unattractive.  

After the 2nd child I decided that I was unhappy with the outcome of my breast.  I looked young but my breast looked old.  After careful consideration and review, I decided to get a breast augmentation and I choose Dr. Bianca Knoll to do the procedure.  She was very understanding of the look that I wanted to achieve (natural and age appropriated).  She listened to my concerns and did not sell me or push me in a direction that I did not want to go.  I am very happy with  the results.  My new breast are proportionate to my body type and are very natural. My family and friends did not notice that I had a breast augmentation.  FOR this I thank Dr. Knoll and will recommend her.  If you are looking for someone who is professional and well educated in her field, CHOOSE Dr. Knoll.

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February 2011


In der Praxis herrscht eine entspannte Atmosphäre, man fühlt sich auf Anhieb gut aufgehoben und verstanden. Meine Brustvergrößerung war eine tolle Erfahrung. Ich wurde super darauf vorbereitet, alle Fragen wurden geklärt und Voruntersuchungen durchgeführt. 

Die Operation an sich lief wie am Schnürchen, kaum war ich aus der Narkose aufgewacht ging es mir gleich super. Schmerzen hatte ich kaum und das Ergebnis ist einfach super. Schon nach wenigen Wochen sah meine Brust sehr natürlich aus. Es wird sehr darauf geachtet die Nachuntersuchungen einzuhalten um den Heilungsverlauf zu beobachten und das best mögliche Ergebnis zu erreichen. Würde ich jederzeit wieder machen.

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July 2010

Top Beratung- Top Ergebnis

Dr. Knoll hat sich wirklich sehr viel Zeit genommen, mich gut zu beraten und alle meine Fragen und Ängste abzubauen. Ich habe mich gegen Silikon, für Kochsalz entschieden (bei der Ärzte oft sagen, dass das Ergebnis nicht so natürlich wäre).  

Dr. Knoll hat mich nicht versucht umzustimmen! Da mein Brustmuskel sehr ausgebildet und aktiv war, sassen die Implantate nach der OP erst einmal ungewöhnlich hoch. Aber durch die gute Nachsorge-Betreuung (Dr. Knoll hat mir einen Gurt aus Amerika angepasst und mir bestimmte Massage-Techniken erklärt), war das auch bald behoben und ich bin heute sehr glücklich!

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June 2010

Frau Dr. Knoll hat sich sehr viel zeit für die…

… Beratung in Bezug auf meine Brustvergrößerung genommen. Es wurden sehr viele Bilder angeschaut und verglichen, um somit meinem Wunsch so nahe wie möglich zu kommen. 

Sehr gut fand ich dabei, dass realistische Ziele gesetzt wurden, d.h. es wurde aufgezeigt was umgesetzt werden kann, um ein natürliches Ergebnis zu erzielen und welche Brustgröße weniger zu empfehlen ist. Auch mit der Nachbehandlung bin ich sehr zufrieden, d.h. ich kann jederzeit auch kurzfristig bei Fragen zur Praxis gehen und man nimmt sich ausreichend Zeit.

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Lackey, May 2010

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Knoll.

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Knoll.  She provided all the time that I needed for her to explain different options as well as the trade-offs for each.  She made sure that I knew everything that was going to happen.  

Her aftercare has been just as thorough.  She has truly demonstrated that she cares about the patient after the procedure just as much as before.  And I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Even though it’s only been a couple of weeks since my procedure, I can see what a wonderful job she did.  She truly offers the best service and has the best credentials of any plastic surgeon in the area.  There is just no comparison.

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Shelly, May 2010

Very pleased with service.

Had breast augmentation done.  Crease incision with silicone implants under the muscle.    

Very pleased with service.  Felt comfortable and she took time to go over my concerns/questions.  Worked with me as an individual and catered my care to my needs.

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Cara, May 2010

I am very, very pleased……

Dr. Knoll was very friendly and highly professional.  I was glad that she took the time to explain everything thoroughly and listened to all ….  

my concerns with my decision for breast augmentation and helped me come to the correct decision and size based on my body type, career and athletic performance.  I am very, very pleased with my results and couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon.

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MSK, January 2019

Beste Wahl getroffen: optimale Ergebnisse bei toller Betreuung

Frau Dr. Knoll ist eine für mich ganz außergewöhnlich begabte Ärztin, die praktisch aus dem Stand mein Vertrauen gewonnen und dies in allen Belangen gerechtfertigt hat.

May 2016


Ich war heute zum ersten Mal bei Frau Dr. Knoll und kam in den Genuß einer hochprofessionellen und warmherzigen Beratung zu meinem persönlichen Beauty-Wunsch.

Frau Dr. Knoll hat mich ausführlich zum Eingriff und der detaillierten Vorgehensweise beraten, auf alle Eventualitäten und Risiken hingewiesen, Fallbeispiele gezeigt und auch den Hintergrund ihrer fachlichen Ausbildung erläutert. Instinktiv fasst man zu dieser Ärztin sofort Vertrauen. Ich freue mich auf die Behandlung bei Frau Dr. Knoll und fühle mich in den besten Händen.

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September 2012

Doppelkinn “Ciao”


samantha35, April 2012

“swan-like neck”

When one is seeking the services of a doctor, any professional actually, one researches the schools attended and credentials awarded. I was not only pleased and impressed with Dr. Knoll’s education and credentials, but I also found a surgeon with an eye for beauty, a sense of style and herself elegant. The perfect combination when it’s cosmetic surgery one is seeking.

I’m 69 years old, a former dancer and actress. I remain physically active and fit and blessed with good genes. Until recently most people were shocked to learn my real age, it was assumed I was twenty years younger. Sadly, I haven’t heard that said recently. My age began to show in my neck and jawline; they were aging faster than my face. Something had to be done!

I began interviewing plastic surgeons — when I met Dr. Bianca Knoll I knew my search was over. My first appointment was wonderful. It was spent getting to know each other and discussing my desired procedure and expectations. She answered my many questions and concerns with candor and ease. She explained in detail her approach to a neck lift, one I hadn’t heard before and it resonated with me. Where do I begin to sing Dr. Knoll’s praises? It’s been one month since surgery. My neck is smooth and so natural looking…and those jowls that were forming are gone! I have a beautiful clean jawline …all in harmony with my face.

No one notices that I’ve had anything done. The only people who have commented are those I confided in; and they are shocked and amazed at the result. Dr. Knoll is an artist. She has hidden the scars brilliantly. They were almost invisible after only two weeks! I cannot close without mentioning that not once since that first appointment nor of this writing have I ever felt rushed during an appointment or “encouraged” to do a bit more. My confidence in Dr. Knoll is so great that I would travel long distances to seek her advice, expertise and skilled artistry. Many thanks, as well, to her wonderful attentive staff…so kind and responsive to my telephone calls, emails and visits.

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TB, May 2019

Six months after you two helped me change my life forever!  I am so…..

confident with my body.  I actually lover seeing my naked body!  I now own seven bikinis!  I ‘ve never owned more than two swimsuits.

 I love shopping for clothes and had to replace my entire wardrobe.

The surgery gave me so much confidence and has improved so many areas of my life.  I exercise regularly and have made diet changes to keep my little frame.  My boyfriend loves my body and my confidence.

Thank you for your patience, knowledge and kindness.  You two truly changed my life.  I feel like I’m living a new life.  Thank you!

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erinslens82, June 2016

I have tried my hardest with diet and exercise to…..

I have tried my hardest with diet and exercise to over come my mid-section, but have not been successful. I can’t beat my genetics or my hypothyroidism.

 I am 5’5, 155 lbs. I crossfit 3 times a week, do boxing 2 times a week, and yoga 1 a week so I’m pretty active! Procedures: Tummy Tuck/Ab repair Lipo- upper abdominal tummy, waist contouring, lower tummy tire area, and upper back around bra line Breast lift/Implants– Went from A (after the lift was done) to a 400cc (don’t know my bra size yet)

She’s very nice and easy to work with! She listens to your concerns and is very responsive to emails and questions.

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Buttercup2010, November 2014

I lost 115 pounds in a year and a half…

i lost 115 pounds in a year and a half. I have always been a busty woman. I was a 40 g cup. Then I went down to a 32 c/d. Victoria had a secret. It was taco Tuesday everyday. I literally could roll my breasts and had to constantly tuck them away. No low cut blouses for me. It was mortifying. In clothes you would have never known what horrors laid beneath. I am a military spouse

 so trying to get anything covered is a nightmare. After a year I was approved for a reduction. Incidentally that also means a lift????. I was thrilled . I saw 2 different surgeons . One recommended an implant with the lift so that I would have upper pole fullness . Without it , I would be flat with a very small breast left. I knew I would not be happy with a size a. I just wanted to be a full c at most. I went with a 275 silicone implant with my lollipop lift. Now moving onto my tummy. I had a deflated elderly mans butt on my stomach. I could not sing the praises of spanx enough. I wear a size 0/2 jeans. No one ever could tell I had the floob hanging there underneath. I was horrified each day I disrobed. I got approved for a panniculectomy as well . Yay for me again. I did have reservations about needing a full abdominalplasty . I actually did. So I had lipo, a new belly button, and stomach muscles tightened. So far so good.

Love love love her

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melhoops, January 2011

Was really Pleased

I was really concerned about not getting my procedures done in the US.  However, Dr. Knoll has studied at Yale and in Germany.  She uses a mix of the best Germany and the US has to offer.  I look great.  Feel great.  Had amazing service.

 She personally answered calls I made and emails.  She gave me her cell phone number.  Her assistant was wonderful.  My only complaint is like with every doctor even my American doctors after my c-section I feel like it is difficult to adjust the amount and dosage of pain meds you need.  I dislike having to ask for them and give reasons why.  It’s not just her I have had that problem with all doctors I have met.  Other than that I would do it again with her in a heart beat.

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Calypsea, December 2019

Muffin top lipo, Success!

Dr. Bianca Knoll and her admin Valerie were absolutely wonderful to work worth. I am American and didn’t know what to expect going into a German doctor office but the experience was fun, comfortable and informative. And the results are better than i imagined. Highly recommend.

I eat right, i work out but my belly was disproportionately large. My only regret is waiting so long to get this done! I had a large amount of fat removed from only my belly/muffin top area. I have a low tolerance for pain and took 2 full weeks off work and needed it. It took 6 to 8 weeks to be 100% good on all aspects of working out in the gym and running. No regrets, absolutely love the results. I went from a US womens size 12-14 to a juniors size medium!

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MK,9 March 2019

Sehr kompetente Künsterlin/Chirurgin

Ich ließ mir als Mann Lovehandles und an der Brust Fett absaugen.

Der erste Kontakt verlief sehr sympathisch und vertrauensvoll. Man merkte, dass Frau Knoll mit einem künstlerischen ästhetischen Auge einen Plan für meinen Körper formte. Zudem haben wir viel gelacht.

Die OP war absolut professionell, die Klinik sauber und das Personal freundlich.

Nach der OP stellte sich das Ergebnis nach ca 3 Monaten ein. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den neuen Konturen.

Es war jeden Cent wert.

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songbirdmgmt, July 2013

I had read such amazing reviews about Dr. Knoll….

I had read such amazing reviews about Dr. Knoll, so I finally decided to go ahead and have a consultation. The reviews from others have been absolutely true!. Dr. Knoll is so wonderful. She gave me so much information and was so kind. I felt very comfortable and she was very understanding to what my wants/needs were. When it came time for scheduling her staff worked with me to work out a surgery and pre-op date that would be soon, but also work for both of schedules.

 She is very kind, thorough, and knowledgeable. She made sure that I had all the information I needed on my procedure, but also about hotels close in the area with all their information for after my procedure. Dr. Knoll has been amazing the entire time. Getting in touch with her is easy. She even emailed me back at midnight when I had a question! She called me in the evening after I had my procedure to check up on me. I have so many great things to say about her! She and her staff have taken great care of me, and are very attentive.

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Anna22, February 2011

Living in Germany for a while….

I’m living in Germany for a while with my husband and not working, so I decided to get chin lipo while I have the time to recover. I have had a double chin my whole life even when I was 120 pounds.

I just had it done on 1/22/2011 it has been over a week and I am still wearing my compression garment 24/7, I believe the worst part is the compression garment.

I see small but some change thus far. I read a lot of reviews on this site, and it seems like I just need to wait it out! My husband is also planning on having the surgery done. He believes there is a significant difference already. =)

The only Dr. in Germany that I found to be US Board/European/German Certified. A Yale Graduate, very smart, and professional. I was also told that many European doctors are not up to US standards.. Yikes!

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Jennifer, May 2010

I am so happy now and I owe all that to Dr. Knoll.

My surgery went so well.  Dr. Knoll was very friendly and always answered all my questions.

My post op results are better than I thought and now I just wish I didn’t wait so long to do it.  I am so happy now and I owe all that to Dr. Knoll.  

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jjg123123, September 2018

Tummy Tuck

I have recently had a tummy tuck after having three children including twins.
I whole heartedly recommend Dr Knoll. She is extremely professional and has a brilliant sense of humour. She covered everything I needed to know in our consultation and herself and caring secretary Valerie were always there when I had any questions.
Im overwhelmed with my results and it’s only been a week since my surgery!!
After doing a lot of research I can truely say Dr. Knoll is the best in her field. An extremely kind friendly approach I can’t thank her enough! She really is one of a kind.

ccatalina, April 2018

I knew going into surgery that it would not be..

I knew going into the surgery that it would not be major , I more or less needed a scar revision from my c-section. And extra skin trimmed from the edges. I felt extremely uncomfortable with wrinkled skin that looked like it belonged on an 80 yr olds body. I will
Never and can not ever regret making the decision to do it and to do it with Dr.Knoll if you are overseas and military( in Germany )do your research and choose her , she is clearly the best option you have.

American trained and a beautiful soul inside and out!  I believe this Woman is an ANGEl ! A SAINT! And most importantly the most intelligent and soft spoken caring Doctor I have had the privelage to meet ( I am a surgical Technologist and have had my fair share of time with surgeons) I am a military spouse and found myself in Germany on duty planning a vacation to the Maldives as our last big pow wow before we move back stateside and I wanted to make it a memorable trip and also wanted my pictures to look just as fabulous as the scenery ( I needed my tummy tuck ASAP) ! I had been going to Dr.Knoll already for Botox so I already had it in my mind that I did not need to find anyone else because she was it for me from day one I wish I could have brought her back to America with me ! After all , that is where she studied ! She is a Yale Medical School Grad . Since my first consultation for Botox she was the warmest soul andI knew she was going to do a fabulous job on my tummy tuck . If you are an American and have legitimate concerns about having cosmetic surgery overseas DO NOT look any further than Dr.Knoll, she does everything by the books as if she were state side. Most doctors in Germany do not ,and will never provide you with post surgical pain relief , they offer ibuprofen , Dr.Knoll will send you home on the day of your Pre op with the necessary medications depending on your procedure , Inreceived antibiotics, muscle relaxers and pain medication . Although I didn’t need any after the second day she made sure Inwas taken care of and even called me the day of my surgery when I was home recovering to make sure that I was fine and to comfort me , although the entire process was relatively easy and I was up cleaning and back to work in 3 days even with a JP drain hanging on my hip in a fancy fanny pack haha! As Americans in a foreign country it can be tricky to find someone you trust to treat you especially if it is for something elective , do your homework , she also takes VAT forms so it saved me hundreds of Euros . The private hospital she does her procedures at is also top notch and the staff was incredible ! The entire experience was just as amazing as the results I was physically given by her

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frankfurtsurgery, March 2018

Not looking back after my tummy tuck!

After three pregnancies my abdomen looked nothing like what it used to be before children. I really did not feel happy about the way my body looked, no matter how much sport I did.

I did considerable research about plastic surgeons both in the UK, US and Germany.

It took me two years to decide to have the procedure with Dr. Knoll in Frankfurt. Her proposition about the type of procedure I needed it made sense to me and I just along well with her!

Eight months have passed since the surgery and now I have forgotten that I had the procedure done. I am very pleased about “recovering” the shape my abdomen had before children.

Beware: whoever decides to do a tummy tuck should keep in mind that this is a serious operation and that the recovery can take months. The procedure also leaves quite a noticeable scar which is more prominent than C-section scars.

I would say it took three months just for me to feel relatively normal, so any prospective patient should make provision to have enough time to recover.

Having said that, Dr. Knoll was the perfect choice of surgeon and I am very very happy to have done this procedure. I have absolutely no regrets.

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Xavier13, January 2017

I’m so excited!

I had my first consultation in October of 2016. I had my son two years ago and after having my son I couldn’t lose the tummy no matter how much I worked out.

 Me having a tummy bothered me since I never had a tummy before. After having my second consultation in January, Dr. Knoll ensure me I should get great results. I’m so excited, I have my tummy tuck, liposuction and muscle repair in February. I will keep you updated. Oh and by the way Dr. Knoll is a true professional.

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regina83, August 2015

I had tried for years to loose my belly….

I had tried for years to lose my belly but after having so many children my belly wanted to stick around. I finally saved up my money and went in to see Dr. Knoll, she didn’t disappoint. My results are amazing and my recovery was far easier than I thought it would be. Now I am saving up for a breast augmentation and only Dr. Knoll will do. 

 Dr. Knoll is beautiful inside and out, but what is even better than her personality is her talent and skill. I have spoken with several different cosmetic surgeons but Dr. Knoll is by far the best. Medina at the front desk is an amazing person, very sweet and hard working. They both made me feel welcome and comfortable. Also you can’t beat the prices.

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May 2015

Kompetente Ärztin und ausgezeichnete Chirurgin

Die Lebensqualität die Frau Dr. Bianca Knoll mir durch diesen Eingriff gegeben hat,ist nicht in Worte zu fassen. Super Ergebnis!  

 Sie hat sich die Zeit genommen alles in mir verständlichen Worten zu erklären. Und auch die Angst vor der OP hat Sie mir genommen, durch Ihre aufgeschlossenen und fürsogliche Art.
Absolut empfehlenswert!!”

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MrsDC, November 2014

Cream of the Crop Doctor and Staff will give you the Red Carpet Treatment.

I have had two procedures with Dr Knoll The first procedure was an elective tummy tuck with liposuction in July 2013. During the consult phase, Dr Knoll answered every question I had and explained each part of the procedure in great detail. She provided me with medication prescriptions written in English and utilizing the standard American format so that I could fill them at my military medical treatment facility.  

 Dr Knoll’s office assistant Medina, arranged all of the necessary ancillary appointments with the German practitioners and coordinated the appointments so that all could be completed with one visit to Frankfurt. Medina also provided me with recommendations and contact information for the hotels within the immediate vicinity of the office. The evening after the procedure, Dr Knoll called to verify I was ok and comfortable. She provided her cell phone number in case I needed to contact her during off business times. During the healing process, I encountered some complications that required me to purchase some supplies at a German Apoteke. Dr Knoll walked me through the entire process and even spoke personally to the pharmacist to ensure I received the correct items. In addition, Dr Knoll provided immediate feedback (either via email or telephone) to any further questions or concerns I had throughout the healing process. Her support, understanding, and dedication to me as a patient had a positive impact on my healing and well-being.

Having had such a positive experience with the elective procedure, Dr Knoll was my first choice when I needed corrective treatment for nerve damage in September 2014. I developed Frey Syndrome (excessive gustatory sweating of the face) following a previous cancer surgery. Upon consult with Dr Knoll, it was determined she could perform a surgery which would minimize/eliminate the appearance of Frey Syndrome and leave me with a better quality of life. As before the procedure was well explained and executed. The follow up and support with Dr Knoll have also been as noted before which is to re-state, simply fantastic. Medina once more flawlessly arranged ancillary appointments and even spoke with German medical staff immediately before surgery to facilitate a smooth transition with hospital nursing staff. The surgical encounter on the whole was by far the best surgical event I have ever experienced.

Dr Knoll is am American University educated (Yale) German doctor practicing in Frankfurt. Her English is impeccable, her demeanor is extremely friendly and professional, and her skills are unsurpassed. She and Medina treat each patient in such a manner that they are made to feel as though they are the only patient in the world. If I should ever need or want any further treatments, I would not hesitate to enlist her services once again.

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Nina105, August 2014

Dr. Knoll was my plastic surgeon for my tummy tuck.

Dr Knoll was my plastic surgeon for my tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo. I did an extensive research before I chose her to be my doctor. I was important to me that she is American Board Certified surgeon and for me personally it helped that she is a woman so I can talk more freely about what are my concerns and what I am hoping to achieve as far as my tummy is concerned. From the initial consultation and all the way to the last appointment she was nothing but wonderful.

  had reservations about the procedure but she was able to reassure me in a nicest, kindest, most informative and “no-pressure” way that I will greatly benefit from it and that she will take a great care of me. And that she did. She explained everything to me so I know what to expect pre, during and post op. She made sure I was comfortable at the hospital, she was constantly communicating with the hospital staff so that I am well taken care of, she gave me her personal cell # if I had ANY questions, ANY time of the day and night.
As far as the results, I am 100 percent completely satisfied. Dr Knoll made sure to help me visualize how my end result will look but I like the actual result a lot better, lol. I had very minimal bruising, my scar was very decent looking right away and now, 5 months post op it’s healing wonderfully. I had a great recovery, thanks to very good and detailed post op instructions from Dr Knoll. She even gave me information on things I didn’t even think to ask at the time but thought of them later. Dr Knoll takes the time with her patients, she listens and answers every concern/ question they might have. Every time I went to see her in her office for an appointment, she not even once made me feel rushed, which I LOVED.
I LOVE my new flat belly. Ever since I remember, even at my skinniest I have never had a flat tummy like I do now. Getting dressed and finding cute stuff to wear is such a joy now. Before, I had to make sure I wear (or buy) clothes that would hide or work well my belly, but not anymore! I wore a two piece bathing suit and not even once I felt self-conscious! I can tuck in my shirts in my pants/skirts now and it looks great!
Of course I have to mention her office staff as well. Ms Agic was very pleasant to work with and she was very helpful with the paperwork. She is a very pleasant young lady and she always stays on top of things when it comes to follow ups, appointment scheduling, finding the best place for some post-op things I needed, etc…

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yummymummy2.0, July 2013

I went to Dr. Knoll…….

I went to Dr. Knoll for a consultation for a tummy tuck and liposuction of the upper butt. I really enjoyed Dr. Knoll and she explained everything very well. She was very informative and up to date on all the new procedures. After having kids really close together and one of the pregnancies being multiples my body has taken a harsh beating. 

  I never thought I would be one to want plastic surgery and really didnt understand why someone would want work done. Now I completely understand. I was worried about people being able to see my scar and she reassured me it would be in my bikini area. She also made me feel confident in the fact that no matter how much more I worked out there was no getting rid of the extra skin that just hangs. I am also happy she will give me a nice internal corset and tighten up my abs:) I also want liposuction of my upper butt area. For some reason all my fat from my butt area moved up. Now I have no butt and fat above my butt. Lovely I know. My other main concern was my pubic area. Dr. Knoll also addressed this and laughed and said “I hate when surgeons dont fix that. They give women nice flat tummies and then they have a bulge.” I was so happy to hear her say this.

I absolute loved meeting Dr. Knoll. She is very informative and up to date on whats new. She is very professional and friendly. I am excited to have work done by her. I have heard so many amazing things about her.

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ChurchGirl777, June 2013

Truly Blessed by God.

Wow! Dr. Knoll is the best Dr I’ve had in my entire life. She is extremely smart, graduated fromYALE, truly cares about her patients, she is gentle, funny and beautiful. I have never seen a doctor that has as much beauty as she does. God has blessed her hands and business! SHE DOES GREAT WORK!  

 Top of the line treatment and care. Her staff are just as friendly and beautiful as she is. They all go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and right at home. It is as if they really look forward to seeing you and miss you when you are away.

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Martin0407, April 2013

Totally Worth It!

Recommended by a friend. When I made the decision to have a tummy tuck I researched about 10 Plastic Surgeons in Germany & even more in the states.. I could not have made a better decision than going to Dr Knoll!  

 It was a very easy process from start to finish & they worked with my schedule/timeline for appointments since I lived over an hour away… I would recommend Dr Knoll to anyone having ANYTHING done! 100% pleased with my results!

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esakura, April 2013

Great Doctor, Great Staff!

Dr. Knoll and her staff are wonderful!  I couldn’t have chosen a better doctor.  

I had lipo/tummy tuck and was nervous abut it, but she put my mind at ease quickly.  She is caring, down-to-earth, intelligent, and an amazing surgeon.  It’s been four months since my surgery and I am very happy.  Healing well and would HIGHLY recommend her services and staff.

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rchlstvr, November 2011

Very Satisfied Customer

I had a panniculectomy with liposuction and tummy tuck done a few months ago and I am VERY VERY satisfied with the results.  

 I am more self confident than I have been in years.  After my gastric bypass, I had tons of excess skin and fat above my pubic area.  Dr. Knoll was very professional and courteous when I went for my first consult.  She answered all of my questions and gave me the peace of mind I needed before the surgery.  And her receptionist, Tamara, was terrific as well (even helping me get around after the surgery.)  I cannot thank Dr. Knoll and her staff enough for the wonderful, hard work!  Wish I was staying in Germany longer so I could use Dr. Knoll on my future procedures.  From the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank her enough!

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Shannon76, September 2011

The Best!

Dr Knoll far surpasses any other plastic surgeon around. I had a very invasive tummy tuck combined with liposuction. For you to get a full understanding on how special Dr. Knoll is I need to start from the beginning. 

 I was about to lose my job of 16 years because my waist was bigger than 35″. I had to be in for surgery within 2 weeks of calling Dr. Knoll’s office; expecting the worst Dr. Knoll did the imposable. She squeezed me in to her schedule along with her supporting staff. I never felt like I was just another patient, each person and there situation is important to her.  I love my results! I went from a 40″ waist to a 34! I have no more stretch marks and I don’t have the “mommy pooch” anymore!

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lee123, November 2009

I think it was worth it.

She made me feel comfortable and she listened to what I wanted. She also put my safety first. 

 I had been saving for this surgery for the last couple of years. My husband knew how much I wanted this so he supported me. Even though its only been one day I’m pretty satisfied.

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SV, December 2019

Amazing Results

I had an exceptionally positive experience with my eyelid lifting surgery (blepharoplasty), preformed by Dr. Bianca Knoll in Frankfurt Germany. I am very satisfied with the end results of my surgery, which has both enhanced my physical appearance as well as my self-confidence.

Dr. Knoll and her staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire experience. The cost of the surgery was well worth the results. I am pleased to say that I am looking forward to future procedures with Dr. Knoll.

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April 2016

Extrem kompetent Ärztin, mit hervorragenden operativen Fähigkeiten

Frau Dr. Knoll hat bei mir eine Augenoperation durchgefuehrt, das Ergebnis ist absolut hervorragend!

April 2015

Sehr kompetente Ärztin

Habe bei Frau Dr Knoll eine Oberlid Straffung durchführen lassen und bin mit dem Ergebnis mehr als zufrieden!!

 Ich würde jederzeit wieder zu ihr gehen, weil sie sich Zeit nimmt, eine ausführliche Beratung stattfindet und sie einem auch die mögliche Ängste nimmt. Sie ist sehr freundlich , fachlich extrem gut, und man fühlt sich gut aufgehoben.”

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October 2013

Kompetent, freundlich, ausgeglichen, verständnisvoll… Sehr zu empfehlen!

Nach ausführlichen Beratungsgesprächen, hat Frau Dr. Knoll eine super Korrektur meiner beiden Oberlider vorgenommen.

 Sie achtete vorbildlich auf ein natürliches Erscheinungsbild. Während der gesamten Behandlungszeit habe ich mich sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt.
Mit der Arbeit von Frau Dr. Knoll bin ich mehr als zufrieden und empfehle sie mit gutem Gewissen weiter.
Jederzeit wieder. Vielen Dank

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October 2013

Einzigartige kompetenz und Patientenbetreung

Nach ausführlichen Beratungsgespraechen hat Frau Dr. Knoll bei mir eine sehr komplexe Korrektur von beiden Ober und Unterlidern inklusive eines Facelifts vorgenommen.

 Die von Frau Dr. Knoll angewandten Techniken entsprechen höchsten Standards, und es gibt wahrscheinlich in Deutschland keinen Chirurgen, der über ähnliche Kenntnisse und Techniken verfügt. Frau Dr. Knoll legt Wert auf natürliche Aesthetik und das Resultat der Operation war im höchsten Sinne erfreulich! Ich bin fuer die Operation eigens aus den USA nach Deutschland gereist und Frau Dr. Knoll hat sich auch außerhalb der üblichen Praxiszeiten viel Zeit fuer die Post OP Betreuung genommen. Ihre persönliche und professionelle Patientenbetreueung entspricht höchsten Masstaeben, die man selbst in den USA nur selten findet. Ich bin hochzufrieden mit dem Operationsergebnis und der Patientenbetreuung und empfehle Frau Dr. Knoll vorbehaltlos.

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October 2012

Sehr kompetente Ärztin

Habe ich mich bei Frau Dr. Knoll bestens aufgehoben gefühlt (Oberlidkorrektur)Die Vorgespräche, die OP selbst und die Nachsorge waren bestens. Meine Operation ist nun 13 Tage her und ich bin schon sehr zufrieden.

June 2012

Oberlidplastik & korrektur Lidheberschwäche bei Dr. Knoll ein Spaziergang

Jahrelang habe ich unter meinem “Schlafzimmerblick” gelitten. Bei 3 Ärzten hatte ich Beratungsgespräche bzgl.Oberlidplastik, die mich jedoch nicht überzeugen konnten.

Besonders nachdem ich die Ergebnisse bei live gesehen hatte. Ganz anders bei Dr. Knoll, hier habe ich mich vom ersten Moment an exzellent beraten, vollständig aufgeklärt und aufgehoben gefühlt. Nach 2 sehr ausführlichen Beratungsgesprächen war es soweit, im Februar 2011 war der OP Termin. Das Ergebnis ist fantastisch. Meine Augen sehen einfach nur jünger und frischer aus. Meine Freundinnen sind doppelt erfreut, wenn es bei ihnen soweit ist, haben sie die Ärztin ihres Vertrauens schon gefunden.

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Sabine, June 2010

And the result: perfect eyes!

Very good advice with all options and their possible risk.  Treatment itself was in a very relaxed atmosphere and waking was like having just been dreaming.

After treatment were as good as the advice sessions before- with no pressure, no waiting.  And the result: perfect eyes!

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June 2010

Perfekt Augen

Frau Dr. Knoll hat mich sehr eingehend beraten – hinsichtlich aller Optionen und Risiken. Ich hatte von Anfang an ein sehr gutes Gefühl.

Auch der Eingriff selber war so gut vorbereitet das ich eigentlich alles wie in einem Traum erlebt habe – ohne unangenehme Nebenwirkungen beim Aufwachen. Die Narben waren nach 1o Tagen kaum noch wahrnehmbar und jetzt nach 2 Monaten ist das Ergebnis Perfekt.
Sollte ich wieder etwas korrigieren lassen, dann nur bei Frau Dr. Knoll.

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charmd1nce, August 2018

Highly Recommend Dr. Bianca Knoll!

11 years ago I had gotten 375-cc smooth silicone breast implants via periareolar incision and subpectoral pocket, and decided that it was time for them to come out. I am an American living in Germany and had gotten my implants done in the US, so it was important to me to find

a doctor who had strong history of experience and could explain the procedure and completely answer any questions I had in English.

I found Dr. Knoll through online research and made an appointment. The initial consult was scheduled for about an hour. Dr. Knoll did a physical exam and then walked me through my options, which included her suggestion that I did not need a lift (I am young, with enough natural breast tissue so the likelihood they would “snap back” somewhat was pretty high) nor did I need to have the capsules removed. She would of course examine them during the surgery and remove if needed, but to pre-determine that they should be removed did not make sense, and I agreed. I do not see the point in anymore surgery than absolutely necessary. Dr. Knoll also went over the risks and possible outcomes of the surgery, showed me photos of pre/post-op, and made me feel completely at ease.

Her office manager Valerie rocks. There is no other way to say this. She is well organized, went over all the billing information, scheduled my surgery, made sure I knew where to go and what to do, and quickly answered any additional questions that popped into my head after my initial consult (there are always questions you think of after!). Between my meeting with Dr. Knoll and Valerie’s extensive organization and follow-up I made the decision to have my surgery with Dr. Knoll.

The hospital where I had my surgery was nice. The check-in process was a little sterile (no welcome, or can I help you? I got a little lost when I first arrived…) compared to my experiences in the US, but the nurses in pre/post-op as well as the surgery staff were amazing! They made sure I was completely comfortable and answered any questions I had thoroughly. Dr. Knoll met me before the surgery and later took the time herself to talk with me as the anesthesiologist knocked me out. The surgery went well with no problems and very little pain afterwards (mostly discomfort from having to sleep on my back) and in the days following.

The post-op meetings at Dr. Knoll’s office went well. I was very happy with the results, and was especially surprised that I had extreme sensation in both nipples after the removal of my implants. I had lived with the decreased sensation for 11 years, and boy could I feel them now! Luckily, it has calmed down some 8 weeks post-op. I am glad I went with Dr. Knoll’s recommendation to not have a breast lift as my breasts 8 weeks out have already begun to “fluff” and look less like pancakes. My right nipple did concave at the incision site in the beginning, but with massage, vitamin E oil, and time it too is looking much better.

I cannot recommend Dr. Bianca Knoll enough. She is an incredible surgeon, and I am completely happy with my time spent in her care!

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angelaluzia, August 2017

I had an amazing experience

I had a wonderful experience. My surgery was to remove my implants and I could not have asked for a better doctor.

 I would recommend Dr.Knoll 100% she is very caring, she listens to your needs and overall the nurses and hospital was amazing also.

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September 2017

Super Arbeit, tolle Ärztin

Ich habe durch Frau Dr. Knoll eine Bruststraffung sowie eine Brustverkleinerung vornehmen lassen. Alles in allem war dieser Eingriff ein Spaziergang für mich.

Frau Dr. Knoll hat mich sehr gut beraten und mich nicht sofort angenommen sondern mir erst einmal ans Herz gelegt, mir die Sache zu überlegen, da meine Vorstellungen etwas überzogen waren. Das Ergebnis ist fantastisch geworden, ich würde es jederzeit wieder machen. Ich hatte zu keiner Zeit Schmerzen nach dem Eingriff und auch keinerlei Probleme. Frau Dr. Knoll ist sehr zu empfehlen!”

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siro2018, April 2018

I had a very positive experience

So far my experience has been very positive. She is easy to talk to and made sure that she answered all my questions. Her office in Frankfurt is not only beautiful but also very efficient. I had my cost estimate within a few houres of my appointment. Any questions or requests I submitted via email were answered very quickly. In the days leading up to the operation date I received friendly reminderes via phone and email to make sure I remebered the important stuff regarding the big day.

The room in the hospital was very nice and if it wasn’t for the hospital bed you would think you were in a nice hotel including a minibar ( only stocked with juice, soda and water of course). When the nurses came to pick me up for surgery I started to panic was a little overwhelming sice I was headed for a big procedure. Dr. Knoll was in very good spirits and confident and easy going nature calm me down allmost instantly. By the time they rolled me into the acusl surgery room I was calm even hsppy and very much looking forward to zhe results of my body lift. Waking up I was surprised in how little pain I actually was. I had expected a log more. I was hooked up to a pump with pain meds which made me very comfortable. I had a good night in my room with very nice nurses taking good care of me and constantly checking in if I needed anything. I was able to leave the hospital about 24 houres after the procedure. I am now 4 days post op and 3 days at home and I feel better every day. I am looking forward to my next visite with Dr Knoll in 2 days to see how my healing is coming along. I can’t say to much about the results yet due to swelling and me not being able to stand straight but my 6 year old remarked, ” Mommy, where is your tummy? Why did they take your tummy a way it is so small now!”( she is not so happy because she loved mommys squishy tummy…but mommy is happy and can’t wait for the swelling to go down !)

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Miss E, March 2013

Words Can’t Explain.  Extremely Satisfied!

Dr. Knoll took her time explaining in great detail the procedure before and after. She answered every question in a way that made you feel safe under her hands. Her pleasant attitude and hospitality is just unexplainable. She is a fantastic doctor.

After my procedure, she was available, provided her cell phone number and called to check up on me. Now how many doctors call their patients to check up on them? She has a geniune care for her patients. She is very easy to talk to. Not only is Dr. Knoll an excellent doctor her office manager, Katrin, is wonderful as well. She took care of all the necessary paperwork with Tricare. Thanks Dr. Knoll and Katrin for your awesome service. I have recommended three ladies to her and will recommend as many ladies as I see possible. Could not ask for anyone better because Dr. Knoll and Katrin are the best. If you want a doctor who cares about you and how you look, go to Dr. Knoll. Thanks Dr. Knoll and Katrin.

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Elaine, July 2010

I am very happy with the results….

Dr. Knoll is a doctor who has been educated and trained in the US and uses methods of performing procedures that are the most current and endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  She is also fluent in English (of course German, too)

This was important to me.  I had a breast reduction and the method still utilized by many plastic surgeons in Germany is a method that cuts across the entire bottom of the breast leaving more scarring.  Dr. Knoll explained both methods, and that she only uses the one that cuts from the nipple to the base of the breast.  This leaves minimal scarring area.  Of course, everyone scars differently so some scars may be more visible than others, but at least its a line down under the breast instead of all across the bottom and into your cleavage area.  If you were self-conscious before, imagine having such a scar!  She is a jovial personal and I was smiling and laughing before the procedure and she put me at ease.   I felt I was in such good hands I was never worried.  She also brings some equipment of her own to the hospital to ensure you have the best care (ex. special socks you wear to prevent clots).  I did loose sensation in my left nipple, which is a possible side effect.  Even if I knew I would have lost feeling, I would have still gone through with the surgery.  I am very happy with the results and I feel that I was so fortunate to have come across Dr. Knoll.

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Christy, May 2010

Recommend her highly!

Dr. Bianca Knoll is professional and amazingly talented.

I recommend her highly!

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pitter, February 2011

Surgeon Extraordinaire

When one is seeking the services of a doctor, any professional actually, one researches the schools attended and credentials awarded.  I was not only pleased and impressed with Dr. Knoll’s education and credentials, but I also found a plastic surgeon with and eye for beauty, a sense of style and herself elegant.

The perfect combination when it’s cosmetic surgery one is seeking.  During my first appointment Dr. Knoll answered all my questions, concerns, desires and expectations with candor, ease and confidence.  She is os easy to speak with and has a great sense of humor.  Not once since that first appointment, or of this writing, have I fever felt rushed or “encouraged” to have more work done.  I so appreciate that.  Dr. Knoll gave me back my shapely arms, ballerina legs and repaired a tummy tuck I thought impossible to fix.  All, I might addd, achieved with small, well placed incisions resulting  in hidden scars.  Must also add that Dr. Knoll’s staff is excellent, responsive, professional and kind. All way around this has been a fabulous experience- better than wished for!

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June 2017

Super liebe Ärztin mit toller Arbeit bei meiner Brust-Operation

Frau Dr. Knoll ist eine super liebe Ärztin, bei der man sich von Anfang an in professionellen Händen fühlt. Ich bin sehr glücklich mich für Frau Dr. Knoll entschieden zu haben. Zugegebnermaßen war ich eine nicht ganz einfache Patientin.

Mit 24 Jahren hing meine Brust überdurchschnittlich stark, war sehr unterschiedlich grpß und hatte zudem eine wirklich merkwürige Form. All diese Faktoren führten dazu, dass mir zwei Ärzte zuvor mitteilten die Korrektur sei für eine Operation zu kompliziert und der Eingriff sei nur in 2 Etappen im Abstand von einem Jahr durchzuführen. Frau Dr. Knoll hingegen nahm die Herausforderung an und sicherte mir zu auch in nur einer OP ein gutes Ergebnis erzielen zu können. Auch bei der OP-Vereinbarung war sie super entgegenkommend und ich konnte schon knapp 6 Wochen nach meinem ersten Termin bei ihr operiert werden. Auch das komplette Klinikteam und der Anästhesist waren sehr professionell und lieb, so das ich mich zu jeder Zeit sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt habe. Frau Dr. Knoll nahm ihre Verantwortung sehr ernst. Da meine rechte Brust nachts noch sehr nachblutete, was ich selbst als nicht kritisch beurteilit hätte, kam sie mitten in der Nacht vorbei, um nach mir zu sehen, obwohl ich stationär betreut wurde. Jetzt, ein halbes Jahr nach meiner Brust-Operation, bei der die eine Brust verkleinert wurde, eine Straffung vorgenommen wurde und ich Implantate eingesetzt bekommen habe, kann ich ganz klar sagen: Ich hätte mir das Ergebnis nicht anders wünschen können. Ich habe nun eine schöne, natürliche Brust, die keinerlei “gemacht” aussieht und zu meinem Körper passt und mich die Dessous tragen lässt, die ich tragen möchte. Ich kann Frau Dr. Knoll in jeder Hinsicht weiter empfehlen- in der fachlichen und in der menschlichen. Sie ist sehr ehrlich, erklärt genau was möglich ist und was nicht und weckt keine unrealistischen Erwartungen, zudem hat sie viel Verständnis für jegliche kleine “menschliche” Problemchen 🙂

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CJ, October 2010

My sincerest thanks to Dr. Knoll and her associates involved….

I did much research for the surgeries I knew I would need: a breast lift and implants.  I found Dr. Knoll and after we met in her office, I knew she was the perfect doctor for me.

Dr. Knoll made a wonderful first impression- she is very personable, kind, willing to listen to my desires about the surgery, and encouraging through the healing process.  Her confidence helped me to feel at ease about the entire experience.

Dr. Knoll informed me of what the procedures would be like, and she gave me hope that I would achieve the results I am desiring (I’m still healing).  Every time I had a question or concern, Dr. Knoll would address each point and put my mind at ease.  She was very receptive to any concern I had and helped me.

Dr. Knoll has been a wonderful professional from the first day I met her to my most current appointment.  Her assistant has been very helpful to me as well, suggesting hotels where I could rest immediately after surgery, and setting up dates for my follow-up appointments.  My experience with the surgical and healing process has been just as Dr. Knoll described.

It took me years to decide to go forth with these surgeries.  I would not have done it if I did not meet Dr. Knoll.  I would (and will!) recommend her to every woman I know that is interested in these surgeries.  I don’t believe that there is one single thing that could be improved with my experience with Dr. Knoll.  I am grateful to have found her and I have every confidence that my final results will be just as I hoped for.

My sincerest thanks to Dr. Knoll and her associates involved with my surgeries.  I feel more like a woman, and more confident since my surgery.

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adventures in DE, April 2018

Breast revision due to pain….

I had BA in 2014; the implants weren’t a good size, nor did the profile look good- in fact, they were too wide and flat ( like pancakes). I had to have them removed because of discomfort and dissatisfaction overall. My implants were round and textured and I had severe pain, especially when I wasn’t wearing a bra. I was unable to lean forward, as the left breast felt rippled near the cleavage line and I had major regrets of ever having BA surgery.

Dr. Knoll was open and honest with me; she said she may not be able to take away all of the pain, however she could create a better look for me based on what I wanted and she would try her best to give me great results ( she was confident and her work reflects her skill)! I wanted a high profile, larger overall implant size and I was praying to be pain free once healed. I started out 400cc moderate and my revision is 500cc high profile. They do not look fake- they look great, and best of all, she adjusted the left side to match my right side (very even now) and I have 0 pain after healing. I have waited over six months to provide a review and I cannot tell you how awesome my surgeon is!

I can say with great confidence that a revision surgery is much faster healing and much less painful than the initial submuscular implants being placed. I honestly had pretty intense pain for about three weeks the first time I had BA surgery!

Dr. Knoll is pretty amazing; she is highly skilled and she has a wonderful personality! Prior to surgery, she took the time to answer all the questions I had and she assured me that the surgery would go very well – and it did! She is trained in both the United States (Yale) and in Germany– I actually saw her for botox and BA- great results each time. Dr. Knoll’s bedside manner is awesome, she is sweet, funny, and has the ability to put your fears at ease the day of surgery- it’s clear that the people she performs surgery with have a high level of respect for her! I was her first patient in the morning and she told me she would check on me in recovery which she did; she stopped by two times before proceeding to the next patient. At follow up appointments she was awesome and I really am pleased with the results from our first visit through now, 6 months post-op. Dr. Knoll speaks English and German; I don’t speak German and I didn’t feel lost while communication with her; I love her and I would do this all over again- you’re in good hands with her.

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hotwoman, November 2017

I had been researching the internet…

Dr Bianca Knoll has a great bedside mannor, she sat with me in the OR as they were preping me for surgery she had me laughing and I felt so comfortable being in her hands. She is easy to talk to and listens to you. She is very caring as she called to check on me after we had returned back to our hotel room after surgery.

I had been researching the internet for lighter breast implants and found out they have a new implant called B-Lite that is 30% lighter than the traditional silicone breast implants and I knew right away that is what I wanted.I had my breast implants replaced two years ago with 750 cc UHP because my old implants 600 cc that I had for 17 years had a rupture in one so of course because of boob greed I wanted 800 cc UHP and my surgeon recogmended 650 cc because of my age and the weight of 750cc implants but I wouldn’t listen to him so he put in the 750cc and they were much too heavy and started dropping right away. He had told me after a post operative appointment that for me to have the upper pole fullness I would need a lift to remove some of the stretched skin.
I didn’t want to go that route so started searching for lighter implants that were a little larger than what I had and that is when I came across the B-Lite implants which are made in Germany. I found my surgeon Dr Bianca Knoll who is in Frankfurt, Germany and arranged a consult with her. My husband and I were on vacation in Amsterdam this summer so we took the short flight from Amsterdam to meet with her and talk over what I wished to acheive in my breast implant revision. I asked her about the B-Lite implants she had never used them but was able to get a sample for me to see and touch and she said she would order which ever size I decided on.

After we got home I got busy and made all the arrangements for our flights and 13 night stay at a close by hotel. I was undecided on my size I wanted to go with 920 cc but ended up going with 835 cc because of my age and all my expensive Victoria Secret bras I had invested in as I wanted to be able to fit in them.

I had all my blood tests and xrays done here in the US and they all turned out good so
we had the ok for my surgery.
The surgery went well my surgeon was able to close up my loose pocket and position my implants higher so I would have the upper pole fullness I didn’t have with the other implants.
I had very little pain or discomfort and we walked to the clinic the next morning for my post op checkup. We made this a vacation and walked all over Frankfurt during
our stay. I had one more follow up visit at 6 days where my steri strips were removed and any stitches trimmed that were sticking out to far.
I was careful not to do any lifting as we traveled back to the airport to come home.
It will be 4 weeks tomorrow since my surgery and doing great.

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25again, November 2016

Cannot give a higher recommendation

Top Top Top. All round fantastic. Dr Knoll did an excellent job in replacing my ruptured breast implants. No scar can be seen anywhere and they look natural and beautiful. What a work of art!

 On top of that, she is very likeable and accessible. Will go again to do any other op. After one of my 15year old breast implantation suddenly leaked, I had to search for a plastic surgeon very fast. By pure luck, I came across her profile and I thought she has the best ratings, excellent experience, top-notch qualification. So it was easy to make up my mind to see her. Her office is very modern and made me feel at ease immediately. She was very friendly, accessible and also very kind as a doctor. On the day of the surgery, I made a mistake and did not go to see the anesthestist prior to my surgery and had to be rescheduled. In this moment of crisis, she was calm, friendly and extremely flexible. Two days later, I was back in the operation room and everything went extremely well. Surprisingly, there was no pain at all. A little dizzy on the first few days but that was it. She called in to check on the date of the surgery and many days after that. What an amazing after service. One year on, my new implantation looks amazing (great form) and it also feels natural. I could not have asked for a better experience!

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dawn6503, August 2014

I had saline implants (-250) and was not happy….

I had saline implants (~250cc) and was not happy with them; they were hard, profile too high; looked unnatural. Dr, Knoll replaced them using gel silicone with a lower profile and larger base (350cc). A year later, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

 They’re so soft and natural feeling — my husband loves them too. She used the same scar (underneath in breast fold) and it looks better now than it did before. I now live in DC, but will go back to Germany the next time I want to have a procedure.

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Melanie, January 2011

Great Treatment.

Great treatment.  I feel like I could’t have found a better person to do my surgery.

 She is kind and takes all the time you need to help you.  she is very accessible to you at any time before and after the procedure.  I would highly recommend her to anyone I knew.

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December 2017

Super Ärztin!!!

Nach zwei verpfuschten Nasenoperationen, habe ich mich für Frau Dr. Knoll entschieden!

Sie führte meine dritte Nasenoperation durch. Sie ist eine Super Ärztin, versteht ihr Handwerk und Sie ist sehr freundlich und nett. Ein Jahr ist meine Rhinoplastik jetzt her und es ist genau so geworden, wie im Vorfeld besprochen. Ich kann Frau Dr. Knoll nur empfehlen!!”

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October 2012


Ich hatte vor einigen Jahren mal eine Nasenkorrektur in Osteuropa. Als die Schwellungen verschwanden, kamen Asymmetrien zum Vorrschein. Frau Dr. Knoll führte eine Nachkorrektur durch.

Sie nahm sich sehr viel Zei für die Beratung und ist sehr geschickt. Natürlich darf man keine Wunder erwarten. Der Heilungsprozess hat auch seine Zeit gedauert. Aber nun nach eineinhalb Jahren, bin ich sehr glücklich mit dem Ergebnis. Das Nasenbein wirkt endlich filigran und insgesamt harmoniert sie jetzt perfekt in meinem Gesicht.”

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December 2018

Hervorragende Ärztin

Dr. Knoll ist eine sehr kompetente und talentierte Ärztin ihres Fachs. Jede Behandlung ist gut überlegt und wird besprochen, ob sie denn tatsächlich Sinn macht und notwendig ist.

 Dr. Knoll besticht nicht nur mit ihrem Können, sondern auch mit ihrer unglaublich herzlichen und charmanten Art. Der Besuch bei ihr ist immer ein Highlight für mich. Inzwischen nehme ich auch eine weitere Anreise für den Besuch inkauf, da ein sehr starkes Vertrauensverhältnis besteht. Eine wirklich hervorragende Ärztin

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svetlanaf, May 2016


The first consultation was so interesting! Dr Knoll explained everything in detail and took a lot of time to make me understand what is appropriate for me and what is not. I very much liked the answer “I will not do it” (in my case the nasolabial folds) – for me it is a quality of a true professional, who will give the priority to the result, not to the sales.

 I also liked the explanations about the options I would have in case something went wrong.
After the treatment (Botox into the forehead + Juvederm into the cheeks) – no complications, everything was looking good right after. No bruises, the cheeks were slightly swollen only for a couple of days. It went almost too well. 🙂
One more detail: Before the treatment Dr Knoll recommended me a vitamin A cream, that I am using now for 3 weeks, and to get myself an electric face brush, which I did right away.
The result is so natural – I just look fresh, like after a 10 hours sleep. My skin is even, glowing, and the nasty dark lines under my eyes are gone thanks to Juvederm injectons. The deep wrinkle between my eyebrows disappeared, without giving me a stupid look – no one could say I used Botox.
I will CERTAINLY come back.
And the super-bonus: she is extremely funny! :), but also beautiful-smart-classy etc.
Special thanks to the very friendly colleague at the reception: she immediately made me feel very comfortable.
I definitely recommend Dr Knoll’s clinic.

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LSU, May 2013

Dr. Knoll is the Best!

I was worried about finding a new doctor since moving to Germany, but Dr. Knoll is wonderful. I had Botox treatments done and I felt that her skills were better than my previous doctor in the U.S.

  I never felt rushed or ignored, she took the time to listen and answer any questions or concerns that I had. She is extremely kind and professional. Her assistant, Katrin is amazing as well. The office is very nice with parking in the back. Dr. Knoll is a beautiful person on the inside and out. I highly recommend her! She provides top notch care!

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acaro, October 2012

Very Pleased with Botox and Fillers!

When I first relocated to Frankfurt, I had been quite concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find a surgeon who could give me Botox and fillers and achieve the results that I had been getting with my regular doctor. I am quite a perfectionist and not a very good German speaker. My concerns, however, were unfounded.

 Apart from being perfectly fluent in English, Dr. Knoll understood exactly what I wished to achieve and I have been very pleased by her work. I am able to speak to Dr. Knoll the same way that I would speak with any of my girlfriends.

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October 2012


sehr gut,ausreichend Zeit für Patienten,fachkompetentes Gespräch,optimale Behandlung

Georgiagrl80, September 2012

She is the nicest doctor you will ever meet.

I saw Dr. Knoll for Botox and a breast augmentation consult.  She is the nicest doctor you will ever meet.

 She is so easy to talk to and really takes the time to understand what your goals are.   I would suggest that you visit her if you are anywhere in Germany!

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Mrs. R, July 2011

Great Doctor, Great Results

Very nice facilities. Dr. K makes you feel very comfortable. She take the time to explain everything and answer all you questions about each procedure.

 I’m very happy with my results! I highly recommend this place! Thank you Dr. K!

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November 2010

Die Behandlung war optimal.  Auch die Tipps zur …

… Nachbehandlung waren sehr gut. Ich kann Frau Dr. Knoll mit gutem Gewissen weiterempfehlen!

October 2010

Dr. Knoll versteht genau, was ich möchte und setztes perfekt um!

Ich wollte eine minimale ! Korrektur meiner Lippe vornehmen, so dass nur ich es sehe, und mich wieder wohlfühle.

 Nach der ersten Schwellung (1Tag) habe ich genau das Resultat, was mir vorschwebt. Also keine Angst vor “Schlauchboot-Lippen”! Vielen Dank Dr. Knoll!

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Franziska, June 2010

Everything perfect.

Everything perfect- Dr. Knoll is highly recommended!

and More…

August 2017

Super nett und Super kompetent

Dr Knoll ist freundlich, professionelle und kompetent. Man kann nicht eine bessere Ärztin finden.

February 2017

Überaus freundliche, vertrauenswürdige und sehr kompetent erscheinende Ärztin

Das Gespräch mit Frau Dr. Knoll war überaus angenehm. Sie war in keiner Weise dominant oder übergriffig, dabei gleichwohl fachlich selbstbewusst und sie wirkte sehr kompetent. Jede Frage wurde eingehend und ohne Ausflüchte oder wolkige Umschreibungen beantwortet

  Es war keinerlei Zeitdruck spürbar, im Gegenteil legte Frau Dr. Knoll sichtlich Wert darauf, dass alle Aspekte eingehend besprochen wurden ohne unrealistische Erwartungen zu evozieren.

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September 2016

Sehr freundliche und kompetente Ärztin

Die Ärztin hat mich direkt zu Beginn sehr herzlich empfangen. Ich musste überhaupt nicht lange warten und sie hat sich sehr viel Zeit für mich genommen.

  Sie klärt einen über alles auf, geht auf Fragen ein und man hat richtig gemerkt, dass sie weiß wovon sie spricht. Ich kann diese Ärztin nur weiterempfehlen und würde jederzeit wieder kommen.”

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May 2015

Sehr kompetente, freundliche und super Ärztin

Ich habe Frau Dr. Knoll aufgrund der sehr guten Bewertungen im Internet aufgesucht und kann mich den anderen nur anschließen.

  Ich bin super glücklich und zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis und würde sie jedem weiter empfehlen, der auf der Suche nach einer kompetenten, freundlichen und erfahrenen Ärztin ist. Vielen lieben Dank für alles.”
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November 2014

Kompetente nette Ärztin

Ich bin von Dr.Knoll sehr begeistert. Sie nimmt sich ausreichend Zeit und erklärt elnem auch die Risiken eines Eingriffs. Sie ist.

  Die Praxis ist super organisiert man bekommt in kurzer Zeit einen Termin umd die Sprechstundenhilfe ist sehr nett. Ich wurde 2Tage nach dem Eingriff angerufen, da Sie sich erkundigen wollte ob alles in Ordnung ist. Ich kann Sie nur weiterenpfehlen.”  
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October 2014

Top Ärztin

Frau Dr. Knoll kann ich absolut weiterempfehlen. Sie ist meines Erachtens eine super Ärztin. Ich habe mich gern in ihre Hände begeben. Das Ergebnis ist traumhaft!

September 2012



September 2012

Sehr zu empfehlen!!!!

Ich bin sehr zufrieden und kann Frau Dr. Knoll nur empfehlen. 10 von 10 Punkten 😉