April 2018

Breast revision due to pain

I had BA in 2014; the implants weren’t a good size, nor did the profile look good- in fact, they were too wide and flat ( like pancakes). I had to have them removed because of discomfort and dissatisfaction overall. My implants were round and textured and I had severe pain, especially when I wasn’t wearing a bra. I was unable to lean forward, as the left breast felt rippled near the cleavage line and I had major regrets of ever having BA surgery.

Dr. Knoll was open and honest with me; she said she may not be able to take away all of the pain, however she could create a better look for me based on what I wanted and she would try her best to give me great results ( she was confident and her work reflects her skill)! I wanted a high profile, larger overall implant size and I was praying to be pain free once healed. I started out 400cc moderate and my revision is 500cc high profile. They do not look fake- they look great, and best of all, she adjusted the left side to match my right side (very even now) and I have 0 pain after healing. I have waited over six months to provide a review and I cannot tell you how awesome my surgeon is!

I can say with great confidence that a revision surgery is much faster healing and much less painful than the initial submuscular implants being placed. I honestly had pretty intense pain for about three weeks the first time I had BA surgery!

Dr. Knoll is pretty amazing; she is highly skilled and she has a wonderful personality! Prior to surgery, she took the time to answer all the questions I had and she assured me that the surgery would go very well – and it did! She is trained in both the United States (Yale) and in Germany– I actually saw her for botox and BA- great results each time. Dr. Knoll’s bedside manner is awesome, she is sweet, funny, and has the ability to put your fears at ease the day of surgery- it’s clear that the people she performs surgery with have a high level of respect for her! I was her first patient in the morning and she told me she would check on me in recovery which she did; she stopped by two times before proceeding to the next patient. At follow up appointments she was awesome and I really am pleased with the results from our first visit through now, 6 months post-op. Dr. Knoll speaks English and German; I don’t speak German and I didn’t feel lost while communication with her; I love her and I would do this all over again- you’re in good hands with her.

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