The number of patients loosing a significant amount of body weight either by diet and exercise, by gastric banding, or by gastric bypass surgery is increasing world wide. Patients after massive weight loss are faced with excess lax skin. Post bariatric plastic surgery procedures after massive weight loss can be straight forward or challenging. Each post bariatric plastic surgery procedure requires specific considerations. The skin has lost a fair amount of its natural elasticity, the tight connections between the skin and body are stretched out and there may be retained irregular fatty deposits. Since the pioneering work of Dr Ted Lockwood in the USA over 25 years ago, great progress of techniques and refinements in surgery after massive weight loss have taken place. With a combination of liposuction, skin excision, autologous tissue augmentation (where needed), and defined support techniques, superior results can be obtained in post bariatric surgery.

The different post bariatric body lift procedures may be short, or complex and lengthy. Many post bariatric plastic surgery procedures can be done on an outpatient, easy to recover basis. However, when associated with more comprehensive procedures, in multiple regions of the body, a longer operative time, more blood loss, the risk of deep vein thrombosis, wound healing problems may be higher. Those risks of post bariatric surgery can be minimized by thorough perioperative preparation and intraoperative care. In general, Dr Bianca Knoll avoids “extreme makeover”-like procedures (that is operating on the face, arms, breast, abdomen, back and legs on the same day). It is safer to perform individual or smaller groupings of post bariatric procedures in one operative setting. This does not mean that procedures cannot be combined in one day of surgery, it just means that we should jointly, define the appropriate limits on how much surgery can be done safely and effectively in one day.

Here are some of the aesthetic post bariatric body contouring procedures performed by Dr Bianca Knoll in Frankfurt, Germany:

Dr Knoll is a board certified plastic surgeon, who has been extensively trained in the U.S (Yale University) where more advanced post bariatric aesthetic body contouring techniques were practiced much earlier. Dr Knoll has a broad experience in advanced aesthetic body contouring surgeries in patients after massive weight loss.


Now that you understand that post bariatric plastic surgery entails an individualized plan for each patient, it is easy to understand that it is difficult to provide any estimated cost without having examined or talked to a patient. The costs of the surgery will vary depending on the complexity, length, the combination of procedures and details involved. Usually there are 3 different costs associated with surgery: the surgeon’s fee, hospital fee and anesthesia fee.


During your office consultation with Dr. Bianca Knoll, you will be thoroughly examined, allowing us to provide you with information pertaining to surgery, post operative expectations, and the cost associated with your individualized body contouring surgery plan. For these reasons a consultation about your post bariatric procedure plan in our Frankfurt office is strongly encouraged.

We understand that it can be impartial for some of our out of town/ international patients to travel to Frankfurt for an initial consultation. For this reason, Dr. Knoll offers online consultations. By submitting a series of photographs, information about your desired outcome, and a little about yourself, we can start to determine if you are a good candidate. Though a virtual consultation starts the conversation, it does have it’s limitations and does not replace the need to be seen in person for a traditional consultation to finalize plans for a procedure. Dr Bianca Knoll and her staff will have your best interest at heart, and will do everything they can to have your surgery go well, and your recovery proceed smoothly, safely and with the least amount of discomfort possible.

If you wish to have additional information or would like to schedule a consultation please contact please contact the office of Dr. Bianca Knoll, we will be happy to assist you.