Buccal Fat Removal – Myths, Facts & What You Need To Know

Buccal fat removal or replacement by lipofiling and natural appearing by one of the best Plastic Surgeons in Germany , Dr Knoll Frankfurt

Buccal fat removal has experienced an uptake mainly driven by social media, as have some of the information being out there. Here is some relevant information you should not miss out on, when considering a buccal fat removal.

Myth #1 – The term buccal fat removal is a misnomer. In reality the buccal fat is not fully removed, it is reduced. 

Myth #2 – It is a new procedure. The procedure in itself has been around for decades.  What has changed over the years, is that buccal fat removal is combined with other „smaller“ procedures enhancing facial contours.

Fact #1 – The procedure itself is pretty straightforward being performed under light anesthesia with minimal downtime using an incision inside the mouth. So there are no scars on the outside. The effect of reducing the volume of the buccal will appear in a slimmer appearing contour of the face.

Fact #2 – It’s surgery with all its assets like swelling, potential risks and complications.

Fact #3 – It can accelerate the aging process. Not everybody is the ideal candidate. 

What should you know to make an educated decision together with your Plastic Surgeon?

The buccal fat and its anatomy is somewhat unique. It is  located in a deep fat compartment of the face reaching even out to the temples. Age related volume loss of this specific fat compartment can be observed going hand in hand in these 2 areas. During a lifetime the volume of the buccal fat pad often decreases naturally, depending and influenced by hormonal and weight changes. A gradual decline of volume can happen as early as your 30’s. Most patients are unaware of this.

Therefore, having had a partial buccal fat removal may backfire mid or longterm, contributing to an aging, sunken in appearance – accelerating the aging process of the face. An effect that most patients are not looking for. If this reflects the situtation you are in, restoring the volume of the buccal fat is an option. Most would agree, it is best to be avoided, and only performed when needed.

Volume replacement via the compartment of the buccal fat is often performed as a sole procedure, or during early and late facelift procedures by Dr Knoll resulting in a youthful natural appearance. 

To discuss your aesthetic goals by formulating realistic expectations based on your individual anatomy has been the best approach in our office to evaluate if your a good candidate for a buccal fat removal. Please feel free to contact the Office of Dr Knoll in Frankfurt to schedule your consultation.

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